Thursday, June 16, 2016

Zipzicles - Product Review

Rootbeer Float ice pops by

The warm weather is finally here in Buffalo and we've stocked the fridge with all of the yummy treats we need to stay cool and enjoy the summer. Unfortunately, a lot of the commonly sold products at the grocery store aren't very healthy. Freeze pops are made with no real fruit juice and are basically just sugar and artificial dyes. Non-organic ice cream has plenty of junk added to it and popsicles and ice cream bars have tons of added sugar and unnecessary chemical ingredients.

I've done plenty of searching to make sure that we still have yummy treats in the house but that they are healthier than the other options. We've managed to find organic freeze pops as well as real fruit juice ones, real fruit smoothie bars with minimally added sugar, organic ice cream and organic ice cream bars. Still, the flavor choices and options can be minimal. I recently came across Zipzicles online and am really excited to add these to our summertime snack list!

Zipzicles basically are empty ice pop sleeves that you can fill with whatever you want, zip closed and pop into your freezer. In a few hours you have your own customized freeze pops. The options for this product is endless which I love. I'm already dreaming up all the different things we can add to our Zipzicles. Fresh fruit purees can be made in your blender or food processor and you simply pour them into your Zipzicles. You can also buy real fruit / veggie juice and just pour that in the sleeves. I'm thinking about a yummy chocolate milk bar made with our favorite organic ingredients.

You can choose to reuse Zipzicles after you have enjoyed your first batch or you can just repurchase some more to avoid cleanup. This product is very affordably priced. A box of 18 Zipzicles is only $3.99. You are paying pretty much what you would pay for store bought freeze pops but this way you control what you and your family eats. Free shipping is included with all orders over $25.

Stock up your freezer this summer with healthy but refreshing treats that your kids can grab when they come in from outside and want to cool off. You can visit for more information or to place an order.

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