Thursday, April 23, 2015

Blue Apron- Service Review And Discount

Yesterday I received a meal box from Blue Apron. I was excited to try out this service. I have reviewed other fresh meal services in the past, but was never really thrilled either because of ingredients that didn't seem all that fresh or poor packaging. I opened up my Blue Apron box (meals for two) to see what was inside and this is what I go for three meals:

All of the ingredients are included to make:

-Piri Piri Chicken
-Almond Crusted Cod
-Spring Casserole

You literally get everything you need including small packets of spices, garlic, fresh herbs and so on. I was really impressed because every single item that came in the package was well sealed, fresh and looked great. *Keep in mind, the plantain included does look a bit brown but that's because it was in a cold container and we all know that bananas and plantains get a bit brown when cold. This does not affect the quality though.* In addition to all the fresh veggies and fruit, herbs, spices, etc. we also got fresh cod and fresh chicken thighs that were packaged well and kept completely separate from the fresh items.

The Blue Apron service allows you to customize your order how you see fit. You can choose meat options or keep it vegetarian. You can also choose from small orders to larger family orders. The number of deliveries and meals that you get are also chosen by you.

My lucky readers are getting a discount for their first two boxes from Blue Apron that they try.
Simply click here to start the process. You can $19.98 deducted from each box which is two free meals.

You can mange your delivery dates and you always receive tracking information so you can keep an eye out for your items. Recipe cards are included in your boxes as well.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Earth Balance - Product Review

We eat very naturally and healthy in our home and I'm always excited to try out new products that I can find in local grocery store that do not contain harmful additives, colors, etc. I recently was able to try out a variety of Earth Balance products which are all sold at our local Wegmans store. All of the products produced by Earth Balance are 100 percent plant based, vegan, non-gmo, lactose free, egg free and above all are delicious! A lot of times you'll try something more natural and it just doesn't match up to the regular products but this brand is great and I've loved trying their items.

First off I tried their baking sticks. All of our cookware is enameled cast iron so its important to use something on the pan to keep food from sticking. We all try to keep our cholesterol numbers maintained so this was a good alternative instead of using butter or margarine. I liked the baking sticks because they taste great. I have tried some other products that used coconut oil and I didn't like them- no matter what I cooked it all ended up having that coconut taste which sometimes just does not work.

The Earth Balance white cheddar popcorn is a great snack option that is healthy and natural. I was also pleasantly surprised by the nut butters which use coconut oil in them but still have a great taste and the texture is really good too. Earth Balance is a great brand for anyone who is looking to eat healthy but its also beneficial for people who are suffering from food allergies because the ingredients are very basic.

You can find more information on Earth Balance by visiting their website or shopping at your local grocer.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Itzy Ritzy - Product Review

As I sit here it is one of the nicest days we have had yet this year. As I drove by lake I noticed there was very little snow or ice in it and the sun was shining bright today! I even skipped a jacket which has been unheard of for months now. With the warmer weather comes warm weather activities. Swimming lessons, that kind of thing. Because we take our son to his lessons I have to pack him a backpack of his items. Heading out is not a big deal because he wears his swim trunks and a shirt to the pool but when he's done he has to shower and change into regular clothes. It is nice to keep some wet bags around for this purpose rather than trying to pack wet items into a plastic shopping bag or something like that. Itzy Ritzy makes great sealed wet bags that you will be able to find uses for from infancy all the way into the teen years.

Itzy Ritzy wet bags come in a variety of cute prints and they can be used for just about anything. You can use them for dirty diapers when your child is young and you can use them for wet clothes or other items when your child gets older. You'll even find yourself stealing the bag frequently for yoga class or the gym.  The thick waterproof lining makes the entire process a breeze. You simply drop your items into the bag, zip it up and toss it into a backpack, suitcase or gym bag. I love wet bags when we go on a trip. We recently took a getaway to a local water park and to keep all our dirty and wet items separate in the suitcase on the way home, we used wet bags.

You can find more information on the Itzy Ritzy website.