Thursday, September 6, 2012

Life Without Plastic, The Hic-Cup - Review

It's important in my house to make sure we live very organically and as naturally as possible. Not only does this keep us healthy but it keeps us happy as well because we feel better when we consume foods and use products that are good for us. One of the biggest switches we made in our home was to do away with a lot of our plastic items in the kitchen and switch to either glass or stainless steel products. Life Without Plastic is a great company that makes it easy to buy what you need to get started along this path of no plastic. The Hic-Cup is also a great manufacturer that assists you with products that are made of stainless steel.

It can be a little expensive to completely make the switch away from plastic but buying just a few simple items to get started is the best choice you can make. has items from bowls to plates and then to cups. I like the stainless cups that are available and use those for my son and has a new line of drinking cups that are awesome. My husband and I can use glasses for our drinking needs at home but to prevent any breakages it's better for my son to have something more durable. These products are really high quality stainless steel, not like some of the thinner, more flimsy products.

In addition to the stainless steel products at  and you can also purchase reusable shopping bags, water bottles, etc. to help you live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.