Sunday, December 11, 2016

Tartan + Twine - Holiday Product Review

This year was a very busy and exciting year for our family. Our latest edition, Christian, was born this past summer and we've been getting to know him and enjoying having a little baby in the house again. Because much of our time has gone into our kids, we tried to simplify gift giving this holiday season. I wanted to do most of my shopping online and instead of giving tons of gifts, I wanted to give less gifts but better quality. Not to mention, gifts with purpose instead of gifts that would just sit around and gather dust was a priority.

I was contacted regarding the new Tartan + Twine beauty and travel bag collection for Fall 2016. These items make great gifts for anyone who likes to stay organized. I received the Gwynn Check valet as a sample, which measures 11x2x6.75. The interior has a number of different pockets, of different sizes. You can use this item if you travel and store makeup, hair accessories and jewelry in the pockets. Or if you're like me (someone who just had a baby and is literally traveling nowhere!) you can use it in to organize some of your bathroom or jewelry items.

The prints are really cute. I personally would like something a little more simple and conservative, like the Caitlyn Grove collection, but you can go with the Gwynn Check edition which has a little bit flashier items. Prices are very affordable. The Gwynn Check valet I received retails for $25 which is pretty fair considering the amount of space you get in the valet. Smaller organizing bags go as low as $12.

For more information you can visit or you can shop at your local Ulta beauty store.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Scotties - Summer Product Review

Scotties tissues got me through allergy season this past spring and they also got me through the summer when I was very pregnant and had that pesky stuffy, nasal congestion that comes along with pregnancy hormones. Now that our little bundle of joy has arrived, I pay more attention to the products we have in the house. Our new baby has very sensitive skin, and it seems everything irritates it. That's one reason I love Scotties. Their tissues are so soft and gentle on sensitive skin, I don't mind using them to wipe my son's face. The tissues don't fall apart, leave fuzz behind, or irritate the skin.


Every summer we try to make memories and adding a new member to our family is what we have all focused on this summer. My first born son is thrilled to be a big brother and loves to help with his new baby brother. I love having an infant around again; I forgot all about those tiny toes and the wonderful baby smell. It's a joy watching my husband interact with his second son. #ScottiesEverydayComfort  has made it easy to take care of our newborn and those tissues come in handy early on after you have a baby when those emotions and hormones are flowing! Don't worry, you become more normal after a few days- haha.

Scotties products are extremely affordable and you can affordably keep them in every room of the house. Their boxes come in a wide variety of different colors, styles and themes so you can tailor your tissue boxes to your current décor. They have seasonal boxes as well which are nice to include in your holiday décor throughout the year. For the summer, there are plenty of neutral themes and summer-like themes to keep on hand.

For more information on the Scotties brand you can visit their website at . You can also find Scotties tissues in a variety of grocery and retail stores. If you are a fan of shopping online, you can find their products at: . With the new baby in the home I have been doing as much shopping as possible online in order to keep things simple and not have to travel out with the baby and eight year old in tow.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Glutino - July Product Review

Well our perfect little bundle of joy decided to make his arrival a bit early and on July 16th we welcomed our second son, Christian, into our family. Since then life has been nothing short of hectic and while Christian is a wonderful little baby, we have had to get back into our routines with work and our first son's activities. Easy, pre-made meals and handy snacks have kept us going through the long nights and the busy days. I recently received my July shipment of samples from Glutino and received some really great products that have been useful.

Toaster Pastries
Think Pop Tarts but better. Glutino's version is gluten free and free of gross additives like preservatives and artificial dyes. They're just as tasty and my husband and son fight over these bad boys.

Glutino has a ton of different gluten free pretzels and they are all delicious. One of the things I missed most when I went gluten free was pretzels because they're such a low calorie, filling snack. You can dip them in just about anything and they are easy to take on the go. The Glutino honey mustard version are awesome.

Pie Crust Mix
I like to keep a pie crust mix handy in my pantry. Usually it gets used for a chicken pot pie or with all of the fresh, homegrown fruit coming to our local markets, whipping up a quick pie is a cinch with a Glutino pie crust mix.

Sea Salt Crackers
It's really helpful to keep a basic cracker on hand that you can use plain, or with something like hummus, peanut butter or a dip of some sort. Glutino's Sea Salt Crackers have a great consistency and texture to them and they're also really tasty.

For more information on Glutino's latest products or to find out where you can buy some of their great products, you can visit

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Zipzicles - Product Review

Rootbeer Float ice pops by

The warm weather is finally here in Buffalo and we've stocked the fridge with all of the yummy treats we need to stay cool and enjoy the summer. Unfortunately, a lot of the commonly sold products at the grocery store aren't very healthy. Freeze pops are made with no real fruit juice and are basically just sugar and artificial dyes. Non-organic ice cream has plenty of junk added to it and popsicles and ice cream bars have tons of added sugar and unnecessary chemical ingredients.

I've done plenty of searching to make sure that we still have yummy treats in the house but that they are healthier than the other options. We've managed to find organic freeze pops as well as real fruit juice ones, real fruit smoothie bars with minimally added sugar, organic ice cream and organic ice cream bars. Still, the flavor choices and options can be minimal. I recently came across Zipzicles online and am really excited to add these to our summertime snack list!

Zipzicles basically are empty ice pop sleeves that you can fill with whatever you want, zip closed and pop into your freezer. In a few hours you have your own customized freeze pops. The options for this product is endless which I love. I'm already dreaming up all the different things we can add to our Zipzicles. Fresh fruit purees can be made in your blender or food processor and you simply pour them into your Zipzicles. You can also buy real fruit / veggie juice and just pour that in the sleeves. I'm thinking about a yummy chocolate milk bar made with our favorite organic ingredients.

You can choose to reuse Zipzicles after you have enjoyed your first batch or you can just repurchase some more to avoid cleanup. This product is very affordably priced. A box of 18 Zipzicles is only $3.99. You are paying pretty much what you would pay for store bought freeze pops but this way you control what you and your family eats. Free shipping is included with all orders over $25.

Stock up your freezer this summer with healthy but refreshing treats that your kids can grab when they come in from outside and want to cool off. You can visit for more information or to place an order.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hard Candy Look Pro Highlight and Contour Face Duo Stick - Review

I'm no professional when it comes to applying makeup and I don't wear it all that often anymore. Mainly because during this pregnancy, my skin is about as healthy as can be. But I do like to put it on if I am going out or want to look more presentable. I usually stick to your typical foundation and powder routine but I always welcome new products into my makeup bag as long as they are simple to use. This new product from Hard Candy makes highlighting and contouring easy as can be so you can get the results you are looking for and that all the stars are utilizing.
Just a few quick strokes is needed and the two shades that are included in the product work perfectly for my skin tone (Ivory is my typical shade I use). There are three different color palettes you can choose from. It's also really affordable; priced at $6 and available at Walmart.
The would just recommend that you are careful with the product. The cream stick is very soft which makes it easy to use but you can very easily apply too much or break the tip. Otherwise, add one of these highlight and contour face duo sticks to your makeup bag and enjoy the results!
For more information you can visit, visit your local Walmart store or shop online at

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles T Blasts Quad Blaster- Product Review

While my son has started to phase out Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from his current list of interests, he's still very much into Nerf guns and toys like that. He was very excited when I presented him with one of the new TMNT T Blasts' guns available through Playmates Toys. We received the Leonardo Quad Blaster gun which comes with four Leo bullets that are soft like Nerf bullets but a bit larger.

The T Blasts Quad Blaster guns are made to launch bullets quite far but they tend to be much safer than Nerf guns. For one, the bullet is fired using a pull back action from a lever on the back of the gun. There is no powerful blast of air propelling the bullet. You press the trigger to rotate the gun's bullets so you can fire off another one.

Single shooter T Blasts are also available and you can buy extra character bullets to make things more fun. My son has been using his gun quite often and it's holding up very well. Not to mention, I think the character bullets are quite cute.

You can find more information on Playmates Toys products as well as the T Blasts Quad Blaster gun and other related products by visiting You can also shop for these products online and in retail stores.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Go Away Monster- Product Review

If you have a child in your home and you just have too many monsters lurking under beds or in dark hallways then this is the game to get for your next game night. Go Away Monster is a simple, yet effective game that not only gets rid of those monsters in your home but also helps teach basic shapes and cooperation skills.

The process of playing Go Away Monster requires you to reach into a bag of game pieces. You hope to pull out pieces that will fit onto your game board like a bed. There are monsters lurking in the bag though and if you pull one out you get to toss them into the monster pit for good! This game teaches kids that they can take charge of monsters and get rid of them when they want to.

Go Away Monster is appropriate for 2-4 players, ages 3 and up. You get four bedroom boards in each game box along with 8 monsters, 16 bedroom pieces, a cloth bag for your pieces and instructions. Affordably priced at $14.99, this is a really fun game that you can play with your child while still reinforcing good behavior at bedtime.

For more information on Go Away Monster or other games created by Gamewright, you can visit

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Glutino - Product Review - April 2016

I have to admit,  this pregnancy I have cheated quite a bit when it comes to my gluten free diet. For whatever reason, I have been able to tolerate small amounts of gluten here and there. If I over indulge, I suffer, but its nice to munch on a little gluten here and there when I otherwise can't tolerate it well at all when I'm not pregnant. I do still try to stick to my gluten free ways though, and once baby is born this summer I plan on going back to a completely gluten free diet. I received my latest sample pack of gluten free products to try out and as usual, I'm impressed and delighted with what I received.

Old Fashioned Yellow Cake Mix
I make cake for special occasions, but otherwise I like to put a healthy spin on dessert and make a cobbler. I use a gluten free cake mix like this Old Fashioned Yellow Cake mix, and make it a little thicker than normal. Meaning, I usually leave out a bit of the liquid. You simply dump some fresh or frozen fruit in a baking dish, and spoon the cake mix over the fruit. Bake until the fruit is warm and the cake is cooked through. Some of our favorites are peaches, blueberries, cherries and strawberries.

Pretzel Sesame Rings
I have been hungry around the clock this pregnancy and this includes the middle of the night. I don't want to get up at three a.m. and eat something fatty or heavy, so I tend to munch on pretzels. These Sesame Rings are a great change to regular old pretzels and you can eat a bunch of them with minimal calories per serving.

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Who doesn't love a regular chocolate chip cookie? I know I do and I love to dunk them in milk. These chocolate chip cookies have a great texture and you won't know they're gluten free at all. I opened up the package to try one (ok two) and within ten minutes I was missing a whole row of them as my husband passed by them.

Lemon Flavored Crème Wafers
Lemon Wafers
Everybody remembers those colored wafer cookies from when they were kids. They came in strawberry, chocolate and vanilla but they probably weren't very healthy. They definitely weren't gluten free either. These lemon wafers from Glutino are super light and have just the loveliest hint of lemon to them. They're hard to put down that's for sure!

For more information on Glutino's products, you can visit their website at Locally, I can find Glutino products in Wegmans and a variety of other retail stores.

Scotties - Product Review

It is the beginning of allergy season in this house so we're going through plenty of tissues. My son gets bad allergies this time of year while mine hit later on in the summer months. I recently participated in the Scotties blogger program and receive some samples on their behalf. They have been very helpful recently and we look forward to continuing to use their products throughout the rest of allergy season as well as cold and flu season next winter.

Scotties products are made in the United States by Irving Tissue, Inc. This is a family owned and operated business that is dedicated to the quality of their products and customer satisfaction. You'll find that with Scotties products, the tissues are must softer and durable than other brands. They are the perfect product to have on hand not only in the springtime but all year round.

Made without inks or dyes, Scotties products are hypoallergenic and you can rest assured knowing that the products used in the manufacturing of Scotties products come from sustainable forest management practices. Three trees are planted for every one that is used for the production of Scotties products.

There are some great ways you can keep your allergy symptoms at bay this spring including:

-Closing up your windows and doors during times of high pollen.
-Showering or bathing before bed, especially if you have been outside during the day.
-Boost your immune system with vitamin C and antioxidants.
-Drink plenty of water to flush out your body and allergens.

For some people, allergies are a never ending battle. This year you can at least pick up some Scotties products to help you through.

For more information you can visit

Also, you can find more information on Scotties' Whole Lotta Comfort campaign by visiting

Friday, April 22, 2016

The Reflo Training Cup - Product Review

I'm starting my third trimester so things are getting pretty real over here and I'm starting to contemplate all of the baby and  toddler products that are on the market now. It's been eight whole years since I've had my last baby and I'm shocked at all of the new products that are designed to make my life easier as a parent. One such product is the Reflo training cup. An alternative to sippy cups and other training cup products, the Reflo cup is designed to make it look like your child is drinking out of a regular cup like mom or dad. The child learns how to drink slowly and safely with a cup without making a massive mess all over your kitchen or home.

How the Reflo cup works is like this; you fill the small, plastic cup with water, juice, milk, etc. There is a small plastic insert that fits in over the beverage and will hold the liquid in place while the cup is tipped. Only a small amount of liquid will be released at a time and the child will be able to drink normally without liquid going everywhere.

Cleanup is super easy with the Reflo cup. You simply remove the insert and both the insert and the cup can be placed in the dishwasher. The cup and insert are both BPA free and free of phthalates. Unlike other training cups and sippy cups, the Reflo will not trap liquid anywhere so you won't experience any hard to clean areas.

Reflo comes in a variety of colors. For more information or to purchase a Reflo cup of your own, you can visit

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Glutino Product Review - March 2016

I look forward to my package of samples that I get from Glutino every couple of months. Not only do I love their products, but I love trying new gluten free products. They're not all created equal, but I love Glutino because everything I've ever tried from their brand is tasty, and doesn't resemble a typical gluten free product. You don't usually know you're eating something without gluten. This month I got to try a few different products that I haven't tried before and I'm happy as ever!

Cheddar Crackers
I have found it incredibly difficult to find a gluten free cracker that is tasty and doesn't have a weird consistency to it. Glutino's crackers are really great and this cheddar version is nice on its own or paired with something on the side like cheese, a spread or fruit.

Yankee Cornbread Mix
We love cornbread in our house and the sweeter the better. Not to mention, cornbread is a really easy product to make gluten free because its corn based. This is a great mix that is a good addition to a meal of chili or just about anything else like grilled chicken, steaks or kabobs now that the weather is warming up outside.

Old Fashioned Yellow Cake Mix
I have such a craving for sweets this pregnancy. I actually have been craving cake so this product game me the perfect excuse to bake! It pairs perfectly with any store bought frosting, or you can make your own. Perfectly moist, delicious and gluten free!
Tortilla Dippers
Honestly, these are the best tortilla chips I've ever had. I love a nice thin, crispy and salty chip and that's what this is. A corn chip is another easy product to make gluten free so I enjoyed this bag with some guacamole and salsa!
Tortilla Dippers

For more information you can visit Their website has a full list of products and you can also view some awesome gluten free recipes to try in your own home.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Office Reveal - Featuring 2016 Sherwin Williams Color Of The Year: Alabaster

When we found out we were expecting baby #2 we started assessing the space in our home. We had a spare bedroom ready to become a nursery and plenty of living space with our open floor plan upstairs that includes a pretty spacious living room and we also added a playroom downstairs a few years ago. Our morning room has always been used as an office of sorts since I work from home and my husband works from home regularly. This only causes a problem when school isn't in session because it's hard for work related calls to be taken from the morning room and it's hard to focus.

We had one last empty space downstairs that could be transformed into a more useful space if we wanted it to be. At the time, it was being used as a storage space but with a baby on the way, a lot of those baby-related items were going to be brought back upstairs and were going to be used again. So began the downstairs office construction project.

While I'm never thrilled with any type of mess or construction going on in my house, this was tolerable since it was downstairs, and we still had our regular living space to enjoy. There were some messes that almost drove my pregnant self insane, but after about eight weeks or so, the downstairs room was finished and we could begin moving things in. We had half the room to work with after the office was planned, so the other half of the room became a small gym area.

I was lucky enough to receive complimentary paint from Sherwin Williams for this project in their 2016 color of the year: Alabaster (SW 7008). The color is basically a very creamy white. My husband swears he sees some yellow to it and I swear there's some gray. We've agreed to disagree. Originally the color was going to be used for our upstairs nursery, but once we found out it was a boy, any shade of white just didn't seem to sit well with me and we went with a shade of silvery blue (Nursery reveal to come soon). We chose the Alabaster paint in an eggshell finish and the Harmony brand from Sherwin Williams. Our whole house has been painted in Sherwin Williams paint thanks to the low VOC content.

This is the office portion of the room. You can get an idea of the color difference between Alabaster white and a creamier butter color, which is what the hallway is outside the room. Also, the trim and door are painted traditional white (flat). The walls have a bit of a different tint to them. It's made for a very bright room.
 I didn't want to spend too much money on the décor of the room. The desk I ordered from Walmart for under $90. The small area rug was under $40 from Lowe's and I repurposed the cabinets from elsewhere in our downstairs. All of our supplies including the flooring came from Lowes.

Looking across the room we have our small workout area. This is another good picture that gives you an idea of the Alabaster white when you compare it to the white trim near the floor.

I'm a big fan of earth tones and tans. I just like the neutral, warm appeal of them and you can change your décor inside a room whenever you want. Alabaster white from Sherwin Williams is a change for me, as its a much brighter shade. It works well for the downstairs though, and has made the room much brighter and cheerier. Our home is now about 2,300 square feet in total and the 300 extra square feet of this room provides us with a very quiet and private work space when needed.

For more information on Sherwin Williams 2016 color of the year, Alabaster, you can visit their website at

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - T-Sprints Product Review

My son has been eyeing up the latest and greatest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys from Playmates Toys. The new, T-Sprints figures and vehicles are miniature sized turtles that you rev up and drop into their vehicle to watch them zoom away. You can get all four of the turtles as well as Splinter, Shredder and a Triceraton.

TMNT T-Sprints Lickety-Split Leo & Shellraiser

Each of these T-Sprints is very affordably priced; averaging about $5.99 per toy. Each character is sold separately. These make great additions to your child's Easter basket. We'll be holding off and giving our son his for his birthday which is just shortly after Easter this year. I know we'll have a blast zooming them back and forth across the kitchen floor.

TMNT T-Sprints Mad Motion Mikey & Party Van

As always I love a good toy that doesn't require batteries. These little guys are going to get quite a bit of play. You can find more information about T-Sprints and the other products that are part of the Playmates Toys line by visiting You can also find them in stores such as Toy's R Us.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Glutino - Snack Product Review

Oh look more food related posts from the pregnant mama over here. Yes, so I eat gluten free and when you're pregnant that can be a challenge when you're hungry all the time. Without that gluten I find I get hungry much faster and don't feel quite so filled up when I do eat a meal. I have been sneaking a little bit of gluten here and there just because I find my metabolism is so fast right now, I can tolerate little bits. I do try to stay away from it though and when I got my latest shipment of Glutino samples to try I was so excited to see all the great snack foods that they sent over!

GF Honey Mustard Pretzels
This is one of my favorite snacks that I totally miss. I was so excited to see these pretzel twists with honey mustard flavoring. They taste just like the gluten-packed version and are soooo good!

GF Buffalo Wing Pretzels
Seeing as how I live in Buffalo I'm no stranger to Buffalo-wing-flavored items. I'm not a big fan of spicy though and especially not during pregnancy with that awful heartburn that creeps up but my husband gladly snacks on these. He doesn't have to eat gluten free but he actually prefers the gluten free variety when it comes to pretzels.

GF Pretzel Sticks
A nice big bag of gluten free pretzel sticks is perfect for me right now. I keep a small amount by the bed and if I wake up starving I eat a couple, drink some water and go back to sleep. During the day I love to dip them in hummus, peanut butter, tzatziki and so much more.

GF Tortilla Dippers
My local Wegmans has their own brand of tortilla chips that happen to be gluten free and they're great but these dippers from Glutino are really tasty and went well with guacamole and homemade salsa. They are shaped like the traditional scoop chips so you can get maximum snackage on each chip!

GF Graham Animal Crackers
So much better than the plain variety, these graham animal crackers have just a hint of sweetness and make the perfect snack for on the go. They pair well with a piece of fruit or a few crackers if you're looking for a healthy and fast snack.

For more information on any of Glutino's products or to shop their products yourself, you can visit

What's your favorite healthy or gluten free snack?

HungryRoot - Product Review

Well so begins a slew of pregnancy-related posts. We are currently fourteen weeks pregnant and have announced to everyone our big news. So now it can become blog official as I start to talk about all the wonderful and great products I am using to get through these forty weeks. I'm officially in my second trimester and my nausea is almost completely gone. What has kicked in now is the insatiable hunger. I literally am hungry ALL DAY LONG. And all night. Yes, I'm hungry in the wee hours of the morning and if someone brought me a cheeseburger at three in the morning  I would gladly eat it. Anyway, I know that wouldn't be healthy and I am definitely making sure I am eating plenty healthy. I'm also very tired so healthy food that is convenient is on the top of my list right now. I came across HungryRoot, which is a line of convenience foods that are gluten free, healthy and packed full of protein and nutrients. All things I need right now!

Each of the products that are part of the HungryRoot line can be prepared in under seven minutes. Which if you're really hungry, that's fantastic. You get the products shipped right to your door, chilled, and ready to either use or refrigerate. I noticed the products I received had really good best by dates so you can stock up a bit with each shipment. I received a variety of products to try from HungryRoot and so far I love them all!

Maple Chickpea Pancake Batter
This batter is awesome. I eat gluten free and so far have only found one pancake mix that I like. This one is full of protein and is definitely getting added to my list as a favorite. The pancakes don't turn out too dense and they have a really lovely flavor.

Coconut Carrot Cake Bites
These are similar in concept to peanut butter oatmeal balls which I like to make often. They are raw and full of healthy ingredients. These bites comes with a coconut dipping frosting you can use but honestly we preferred them plain they were that good.

Carrot Noodles With Tangy Sriracha Peanut Sauce
I love veggie noodles but I have ditched my Vegetti noodle maker because it was such a pain. So when I saw these I was really excited because I was going to get to enjoy carrot noodles and not have to make them! I actually took these noodles, added some other ingredients and turned it into a stir fry. I got to leave out noodles or rice and use the carrot noodles instead, making this a super healthy dish.

In addition to these personal favorite products, there are plenty of other products available through HungryRoot such as cookie doughs, hummus and much more. I love these products because they kept me full but I know I am making healthy choices by eating products from HungryRoot. You can find information or shop the site by visiting