Monday, July 27, 2015

Thames & Kosmos - Product Review

It really is never too early to start planning your Christmas shopping. As my husband pointed out just this past weekend, Christmas is less than six months away. Oye. Anyway, shopping early means you can keep an eye out for great sales. Thames & Kosmos is a great brand that is going to come in really handy for our son this year. He's seven and he's into all things science, space, building, exploring and more.

Thames & Kosmos has tons of sets to choose from and they are all really affordable. We're excited to try out the Solar Car Kit. You can build a vehicle powered off solar energy as well as four other model options. When you are done, you can use solar energy to power the vehicle and drive it across the floor. I like this set because not only does your child get to build the kit but then they get to learn about solar energy in order to power the vehicle.

We also receive Ubongo to try out. Ubongo is a fast paced game that requires players to collect pieces and create a pre-determined geometric design. When the design is completed, a gem is acquired and the player who gets the most gems wins the game. It's an interesting game that keeps you thinking and keeps you moving. There is no dull moment with Ubongo.

For more information on the Solar Car Kit or Ubongo you can visit You can also peruse all of the other sets and games available from this brand. You can find their products both online and in mass retail stores across the country.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

SinfulColors - Back To School Polish Collection Review

Before you know it will be back to school time. The kids will complain that they don't want to go back and the moms secretly will jump for joy. Whether you are sending your daughter back to school or you are simply planning some 'me' time during that first week back, SinfulColors has just come out with a great line of Back To School colors, called: A Class Act.

These colors that are part of the line are awesome. I'm used to my samples following some sort of theme. The American-themed colors around the Fourth of July were super fun. Valentine's Day brought tons of great shades and I loved the golds, greens and reds for holiday time. A Class Act has denim blues, 3D glitters, silvers, purples, pinks and teals.

Each polish can be purchased for $1.99 at Walgreens as well as other mass retailers throughout the months of August as well as September.

For more information you can visit

Friday, July 10, 2015

Belly Armour - Product Review

I have been hearing a lot about radiation and human exposure from things like cell phones, computers, tablets, etc. There are some potential risks associated with this radiation especially for pregnant women. You can put your phone away or use your laptop on a desk but there are just some people and some instances that can make it difficult to completely avoid any unwanted radiation. Luckily, Belly Armor makes a few different products that you can use that will help you protect your unborn baby from harm.

Belly Armor has a line of maternity shirts that are made with a special fabric that will block radiation before it can enter the mother's body and harm the baby. The shirts are really cute; they have ruched sides and come in a variety of colors and sizes. Its a really cute maternity top but at the same time it serves a purpose and it is protective.

You can also purchase a lap blanket that you can place over your pregnant belly while you work, underwear, belly bands that help you block radiation while covering up your growing tummy and nursing covers that will protect you and baby once your baby has arrived and you are breast feeding.

You can find out more information by visiting the Belly Armor website which is located at

Sea-Band - Product Review

Nausea can come on at just about any time. You might be pregnant, you might have eaten something bad, you might be undergoing chemotherapy or you might have a bit of a stomach bug. There are plenty of chronic illnesses that bring about nausea as well. If you are like me, you don't like to keep medication on hand all the time for every little ailment. I usually have a side effect from just about every medication I try so I like to go the more natural route. Sea-Bands are a great product that are drug free and all natural.

You simply wear Sea-Bands on your wrists on a very specific point (instructions included with the product will help you apply the product properly). On each elastic wrist band there is a small plastic attachment that will press into the wrist ever so lightly. The plastic piece presses up against an acupressure point that can help with the relief of nausea. The best part is, you can wear these bands all day if you really want to. So if you are suffering from all day nausea, you don't have to worry about constantly taking medication. You can go about your day with your Sea-Bands on.

The day I received the samples in the mail I was actually having a pretty woozy day (Dysautonomia mixed with overdoing it for a couple of days). I decided to open up one of the packages and try a pair on. I did, and within I'd say ten minutes of putting them on the nausea improved quite a bit. The packaging says you will do better if you apply the bands before getting sick, so if you know you are going to wake up with morning sickness or you are going on a road trip, its best to put them on early.

You can find more information on Sea-Bands by visiting the Sea-Band website at Sea-Band also makes lozenges that are for morning sickness, with ginger and B vitamins.