Monday, August 17, 2015

Be The Difference - Product Review

There's probably nothing more comfy than throwing on a t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants. I know I'm not alone here, right moms?! Anyway, it's nice to have a shirt or two that supports something or motivates. Even better if part of the sales goes toward a great cause. This is exactly what you get when you shop with Be The Difference LLC ( Not only will you find inspirational tees on the site but also, ten percent of all sales are donated directly to Hayden's Heart ( Hayden's Heart raises funds for Congenital Heart Defect awareness.

Each and every shirt on the Be The Difference LLC website is uplifting or motivational in some way. For example, I received the 'The Grass Is Greener Right Here' tee. This shirt serves as a reminder to all who wear it that you should appreciate and be happy with your life that you have right now. Enjoy each moment and realize that other people might not be as well off as you think.

The quality of the t-shirt I received is great. The shirt did not shrink at all when washed and the colors stayed vibrant. For more information on the inspirational shirts featured through Be The Difference LLC you can visit You can also find out more about Hayden's Heart by visiting their website at

More information on CHD can be found at:

Saturday, August 15, 2015

B-Natal - Product Review

Almost every pregnant woman experiences morning sickness to some degree. The lucky ones are only a little woozy here and there while there are much more severe cases where a woman cannot seem to keep anything down and is battling feeling sick most of her nine months. There are some tricks to beating morning sickness like keeping a few snacks by the bed for before you get up, staying hydrated, eating well throughout the day and taking prenatal vitamins. For those who need some extra assistance, B-natal has a non-prescription vitamin supplement for morning sickness.

B-natals come in the form of a cherry flavored sucker. It's very tasty and that little bit of sugar can perk you right up. Not only that but each sucker has B6 in it, which has been studied and proven to improve morning sickness symptoms in many women. Vitamin B6 has actually been recommended by healthcare professionals for morning sickness since 1942.

With as many as 50 to 85 percent of pregnant women experiencing morning sickness, B-natal is a great product to keep on hand. You can keep a few in your nightstand for when you wake up in the morning, you can keep them in your purse while you go about your day or have a few on hand in your kitchen. You can use up to three B-natals per day.

What I like about B-natals is that they are not too sweet. They have just enough sugar in them to make them tasty enough to consume but they aren't so sugary that you worry about adding them to your diet when you are pregnant. You can get B-natals in both cherry and green apple flavors.

For more information you can visit This product is sold both online and in a variety of retail stores such as Babies R Us and Walgreens.

Replesta NX - Product Review

I noticed year after year for a number of years that I felt less than stellar during the winter months of the year. Obviously, most people in our area aren't thrilled with being stuck inside month and after month when the weather is freezing and snowy, but my mood severely dipped during the coldest months of the year. What many people do not realize is that without all the vitamin D you typically get from the sun during summer months, your immune system does not function optimally, your mood will change, you can even have heart rate issues and breathing concerns. Unfortunately, many doctors do not test vitamin D levels in routine blood work. This is because the test is costly and many insurance companies don't feel it is a necessity. The majority of people that live in colder climates have low vitamin D though, and supplementation is key.

Replesta NX is a once weekly vitamin D supplement that can quickly help bring vitamin D levels back to normal. The product comes in the form of an orange flavored wafer and you get 14,000 IU of vitamin D in one wafer. This is the same as taking 2,000 IU daily but this one single dose will maintain your levels all week long. This is convenient if you are busy and often forget your daily supplements. Also, if you already take medication on a daily basis you might not feel like adding another everyday. 

One box of Replesta NX lasts for eight weeks. At the end of the box, you should then continue to take 2,000 IU of vitamin D each day consistently throughout the year. It is extremely difficult to overdose on D even if you are getting a lot of sun in the summer months.

For more information on Replesta NX you can visit Your body, mind and spirit will thank you for this supplement and you will feel like a new person in no time.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Glutino - Product Review

I positively love eating gluten free. I feel so much better when I eat this way and I see a change in the rest of my family as well. While I have been eating gluten free for the past couple of years, the hard part has been finding good products that are gluten free but still taste great. I have found the texture of gluten free products can be hard to get used to and you really have to do some searching around to get what you want. Luckily, I found Glutino products and they are sold both online and at a variety of retail stores all across the country.

The one product I literally went two years without was a great gluten free bread. The consistency tends to be pretty bad when you shop gluten free. Glutino sent me a loaf of their bread and oh goodness, I am hooked. The bread not only tastes great but it is healthy as it has a number of added ingredients such as flax. I have not tried it thawed and room temperature but it toasts great and is quite airy. It reminds me almost of an english muffin consistency-wise.

For indulging, Glutino's fudge dipped pretzels are awesome. They are unlike traditional chocolate covered pretzels. They actually taste like fudge and they are a real treat. You can indulge thankfully because the nutrition facts are pretty impressive for such a tasty snack.

I also adore Glutino's graham animal crackers. They are a perfect snack and just a few will fill you up. They have a really nice sweet flavor to them. I love snacking on them and so does my son. They're a great lunchbox addition as well.

Glutino also has a number of other wonderful gluten free products that allow you to stick with your diet but you get to enjoy what you are eating as well. For more information on Glutino and their products you can visit You can check your local grocery store for their products but you can also find them online at the Glutino website and other online retailers. Even carries the Glutino line.