Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Cravory-Review

I'm not a big fan of sweets in general. Food, absolutely. Sweets, not so much. I do on occassion like to enjoy a really good quality dessert. I came across The Cravory and LOVED their unique twist on your typical cookie. Created by three young entrepreneurs who were cookie addicts themselves, The Cravory provides classic flavors such as chocolate chip but you can also try out red velvet cookies, lemon cherry basil and even Oreo milkshake.

The Cravory has a few different options when you shop. You can order a box of cookies that you choose the flavors for or you can join the cookie of the month club. If you're truly a cookie fanatic you might want to buy your spot into the club and try something new and delicious every four weeks! What I liked it the packaging and quality of the cookies. Two cookies come in a package and come boxed professionally. After trying them out for myself (the red velvet are to die for!) they're a common gift I like to give out as a happy birthday, happy father's day or thank you. The quality is definately much better than the boring old cookie bouquets you'll find locally.

For more information or to browse the different flavors that The Cravory has you can visit

Friday, June 1, 2012

KreativeCorner Designs on

My mom ALWAYS used to say her food tasted so good because she added love to the recipes. I grew up hearing that and have always quoted that secret ingredient in mom's best dishes is love. I now say it in my own home whenever my husband or son want to know how I made something: "I added love!" When I came across KreativeCorner Designs on Etsy and saw the decal that says: "Season Everything With Love" I knew it had to be part of my kitchen decor! It now sits right above my pantry door so when I go to grab some spices or ingredients I know to not forget to add the love :)

I think decals are one of the best ways to add personalization to a home's decor. Not only can you color coordinate with the existing items in a room but you can pick quotes you love or pictures that fit a certain theme. You can alter the size or pick the color or finish. While these decals used to be permanent when they first came out, most will now come off quite easily with the use of a handy hair dryer. I changed the decals often in my son's room when he was a baby.

Kreative Corner Designs has an enormous selection of custom decals available that will suit any nursery, kitchen, bedroom, living room, hallway or anywhere else! I like that there's a lot of really classic styles available but also a lot of unique and modern options that make your home look unique. They're not the same designs you'll find in your local stores that just happen to be in everyone else's home as well.

Installation was relatively easy. It took some rubbing to get the entire decal on the wall but once it was up there it has stuck and looks fantastic. My husband jokes I handpainted it up there but there's definately not that crafty side anywhere around me! For more information or to do some shopping you can visit