Monday, January 26, 2015

Jenuinely Pure: Product Review

Using organic body and skincare products is ideal to keep your skin looking healthy and youthful. I also love the healing properties of natural products and I really adore the products that are part of the Jenuinely Pure product line. I received a bunch of different products to try out and I loved every single one of them. I liked that they were very gentle but yet they were very effective. They didn't leave my skin feeling unclean or untouched. My skin looked and felt much more radiant and healthy after using the products.

Moisturizing Body Scrub
My absolute favorite product from Jenuinely Pure is the moisturizing body scrub. It comes in a variety of scents. My favorite is the sugar and spice. Sugar, oatmeal and more make this a scrub that quickly sloshes away dead skin but it also leaves your skin feeling really smooth and healthy. I also love the smell of it. You will be left smelling like a tasty cookie when you're done using this product.

Foaming Hand Soap
We made the switch to an organic or more natural hand soap a few years ago. Studies are showing that the triclosan found in most antibacterial hand soaps is actually very bad for you and it can disrupt hormone production and function in the body. I love the fresh smelling foaming hand soap from Jenuinely Pure.

There are also countless toners, astringents, soaps and more from this great line of organic products.

For more information you can visit

Wedderspoon: Product Review

I love to use all natural body products not only because they are much safer and healthier but they also tend to smell fantastic and work really well. I was excited to try some of the products from Wedderspoon. They offer raw honey that you can consume but they also have face and body products that are based off of raw honey and some other great and natural ingredients like:

Avocado Oil
Cocoa Butter
Goats Milk
Marshmallow Root
Shea Butter

The Bee Venom face cream includes all natural oils that help moisturize and tone the skin. There is also a variety of lip balms available from Wedderspoon that helps moisturize and protect this sensitive spot on your face from harsh weather and the sun's rays. Manuka honey and oatmeal soap is a great product to keep on hand for all of the members of your family. It is effective but also very gentle.

You can visit for more information on any of these products from the line.

Sea Ghost Action Figure and Comic: Product Review

My son is almost seven years old so super heroes and action figures are just the coolest thing ever to him. He was very excited when I received the newly released Sea Ghost action figure that came along with a comic book to enjoy. There was something so cool about having the character in hand while we read the comic book. It was all new to him and it was really neat to check out.

This Sea Ghost action figure is distributed by Diamond Comic Distributors. It is eight inches in height and it comes sealed in a clam shell container. It is a cool item that could be collected in its packaging but we of course had to open it and play with it.

The Sea Ghost is a super hero that has made himself a long career from fighting evil both above and below the waves. The story line and the character really follows a more traditional and throw-back type of comic theme.

You can find more information at or by looking up TheSeaGhost on Facebook.

Sinful Colors: Valentine's Day Polish Set To Be Released In February 2015

Hopefully you didn't miss my post around Christmas where I reviewed the awesome holiday colors that were released from Sinful Colors. If you did, luckily you're reading this review and you are about to learn about the new Valentine's colors available as part of the Flirt With Hearts product line!

The shades included in this product line revolve around reds, pinks and this winter's hottest color: teal. Not to mention the limited edition Love Sprinkles glitter polish that comes with little specks of glitter and hearts right in it. It is the perfect top coat for any shade.

Each of these new polishes are available for $1.99 each and they are available at Walgreens, Rite Aid and other mass retailers throughout the United States. They will be available starting in February 2015.

Some of the shades as part of this Valentine's line of products includes:

Rise & Shine
Pinky Glitter
Love Sprinkles
Gogo Girl
Dream On

More information can be found at Sinful Colors also has a facebook page ( and a twitter page (

CoolWraps: Product Review

It is always nice to give a gift that is personalized or at least designed to fit the likes and interests of the person receiving the gift. Because of this I like to give gift baskets to people. The items inside of the basket can be chosen specifically according to what the receiver likes and the end result is always very pretty and well put together. In the past I have used plain clear cellophane to create the basket's finishing touches but CoolWraps makes a great product that helps keeps the items of the basket concealed until the gift is opened.

With CoolWraps gift bags you can pick a design according to the holiday or event. You slide the whole basket (or other gift) right into the bottom of the bag. You tie it closed and then use a regular old hair dryer to shrink wrap the cellophane around the gift. This means there is not going to be a ton of excess wrap, the gift is going to look like it was professionally put together.

More information can be found at The process of wrapping up a gift is now as easy as 1-2-3. There is a variety of bag sizes available so you can use this product for a larger basket or item or you can shrink wrap a small box or gift with this decorative wrapping. The product I received to sample came with nine different bags that included small, medium and large options.