Thursday, December 18, 2014

Healthy Snack Products Review- Vi Bites by Visalus

We always seem to be on the go in one way or another. My son comes and goes from school, my husband comes and goes from work and personally I am either working from home, taking care of the home, running errands and so on. Because of our busy lifestyles its very important to have healthy and quick snacks on hand so we can still eat healthy but keep up with everything that we need and want to do.

I got some samples of Vi Bites in the mail and I immediately tried a bag. I tried the Chocolate Monkey variety and I have to say it was awesome! I have gotten lots of trail mix type snacks in the past and this was by far the best. I felt like I was indulging in a sinful snack because of the chocolate chips that are in the snack along with banana chips, cashews, almonds and more. My husband tried the Fiesta Nut and he said numerous times how great it was.

What I like about Vi Bites is that they provide a good amount of protein in each bag and then you get all the healthy benefits of snacking on the nuts and fruits and veggies. There is a little treat in every bag that satisfies a sweet tooth but just the right amount so it is still good for you.

Vi Bites are part of the Visalus line of products and program. The Vi 90 Day Challenge is a fitness and health program designed to help people lose weight and feel better. You can find more information on the challenge by visiting the Visalus website.

Seriously Friendly Oral Care- Hello Products

There are so many products that we use each and every day that are actually very toxic to our bodies and our health. Almost all of the toothpastes that are on the market right now contain many toxic ingredients including Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which is so harsh that it can permanently damage the inside lining of your mouth. As the tissue sheds inside of your mouth from the product this can feed the bacteria that causes oral health problems and bad breath. This is just one of the harmful ingredients in many common toothpastes and oral health care products.

Luckily, over the past few recent years, there have been a number of brands that have begun to come out with much safer and healthier products such as all natural toothpastes and mouth washes. Don't forget about breath fresheners which can also be extremely unhealthy. Hello makes a ton of great oral care products that are free of all of those harmful and toxic chemicals. They have toothpastes, mouth washes and spray breath fresheners that all have great flavors but also help maintain proper oral health which is important to a person's overall health and well being.

Mouthwash is a nice product to keep around because it not only helps freshen breath but it also helps keeps gums healthy. Also, if you gargle with mouthwash you can help prevent illnesses like strep throat and common colds. You can get the basic Super Mint flavor or opt for something more unique like grapefruit. All of these flavors also come in the varieties of toothpaste and breath spray that Hello offers.

All of these items make great stocking stuffers this holiday season or they are simply great to stock up on and keep on hand throughout the year. You can find out more by visiting Hello's website at

Friday, December 5, 2014

2014 Holiday Gift Giving Guide- Hickies Lace Replacements

Hopefully you are well into your holiday shopping by now and are starting to pick up your final items and your stocking stuffers. Hickies makes a great product that works for both adults and children alike and removes the need for constantly tying shoelaces.

Hickies is a patented lacing system that eliminates the need for shoe tying. You literally remove your laces from your shoes and replace them with the Hickies product. The end result is a snug and comfortable fitting shoe that is easy to put on and easy to take off. Hickies come in both adult and children sizes. I think its a cute idea for kids because while my son and his friends know how to tie their shoes, they are always way too busy to stop and tie. I always get asked to tie my son's shoes and his friends ask me as well so they can get back to playing and running around.

Hickies come in a variety of colors to match different sneaker styles or simply to make a statement. You can visit for more information or to purchase a few sets for this year's holiday season.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

2014 Holiday Gift Giving Guide - Beados

There are so many different toy and craft options available for both girls and boys when they are younger but when they reach a certain age, the items that will keep them busy for long periods of time seem to dwindle a bit. I have never been a fan of sitting our child in front of the iPad or television; I like for all of us to stay occupied without the assistance of technology. Because of this my son has learned to love crafts, drawing, reading, coloring, playing with Lego blocks and more. Beados is a great toy / craft that is great for girls (and even boys) over the age of three. I feel like this product would be better for children somewhere around the 6-8 year age bracket.

A basic Beado kit such as the Quick Dry Design Station comes with:

500 Beads
1 Quick Dry Design Station
1 Tweezer Pen
2 Trays
1 Sprayer
6 Templates
2 Suction Cups
1 Display Stand
1 Connector Bead
1 Bead Storage Tray
...and instructions.

Basically your child can create some items like a puppy or a butterfly using the beads. The beads can then be stuck together using the water sprayer and then dried together with the air drying station. You can use these creations to play with, hang up, etc.

For more information on this affordable toy you can visit

2014 Holiday Gift Giving Guide - Little Live Pets

For those parents whose child asked for a pet this year for Christmas but you do not have an intention of getting one, the Little Live Pets toy might be just the right gift for Christmas this year! But in all honesty, this is a really cute toy for the nurturing child in your life who loves animals. Manufactured by Moose Toys, Little Live Pets is an affordable and cute toy for kids that are over three years of age.

Little Live Pets come in a variety of characters which each have their own design and functions. The birds come in a cute little bird cage, sitting on a perch. They can be removed as well. Each bird can tweet and sing. They can also repeat what you say with just a click of a button. When you pet them they come alive. The uses of this toy are really endless and not only is it fun but also children begin to learn a sense of responsibility and care of animals.

Each Little Live Pets comes to life in your child's hand and they look and feel incredibly real. They can even interact with one another is you choose to purchase more than on Little Live Pet.

For more information you can visit This toy can be found online and also in local retail stores in your area.