Friday, February 1, 2013

You Bar - Review

It can be hard to get in all your vitamins and nutrients each day when you are someone who is usually on the go a lot. If you are someone like my husband who gets up and rushes to work each morning, stopping during his lunch to work out- it's hard to get all that protein in too. Everyone is different which is why You Bars are a great product that lets you customize your own nutrition bars.

You Bar makes their products fresh to order without any preservatives or other nasty chemicals. You can pick the ingredients that provide the nutrition you need along with your favorites tastes. If certain ingredients bother you or cause you allergy problems you can simply leave those out.

Whether you are looking for energy, to lose weight or to train you can find a premade product or create your own at 13 bars costs you about $32. This is pretty fair if you think about the ingredients you are adding into your bars and the overall cost of those products in stores.

To order your own fresh, customized nutrition bars head over to or call 1-866-682-2771.