Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Disposable Bottle Alternative

Steri-bottle was created a UK mom who knows the value of time when you're the mother of a newborn. These bottles come in a box, clean and ready to use. You simply take one of them out, fill them up and toss them when you're done feeding your baby. Keep in mind the Steri-bottle is 100% recyclable so consider giving back to the environment. No more messy bottle washing or sterilizing needed and in the middle of the night when it's time for a feeding, your sleep schedule and your hungry infant will thank you when you don't have to search around in the cupboards for a clean bottle to use.

You may wonder what makes the Steri-bottle an already sterilized product. The answer to that question lies in the manufacture of the product. Steri-bottles are made in a clean room where the air is filtered to control anything that could be airborne during the manufacture process. No further sterilizing is needed and the product is ready to use off the assembly line. Using these bottles out of the box is actually cleaner than any product you could try to sterilize at home. To protect your baby further, you can't re-open the bottle after it has been used once. The bottle locks closed and it has to be recycled when it's empty.
The Steri-bottle has scored very high among parents for it's latching quality. While all babies are different, your infant should have no problem feeding out of the Steri-bottle. It may be wise to try a pack out before you stock the pantry with boxes of them. But once you've tried one pack of them you'll be hooked!
You can visit www.steribottle.com for more information or to order your own set of bottles to try out.

Keep Lunches Healthy and Affordable with Bright Bin

Packing a lunch for your kids for school, preschool or even for a quick picnic or outing can turn into a mess of containers, baggies and bottles. With Bright Bin you can pack your child a well balanced meal, in a safe container that won't spill of crush. Two levels of separate compartments allows you to pack a sandwich along with fruit and snacks and even a dessert. The cube design snaps shut tightly and you can slide the whole thing into a lunchbox with a beverage or bottle, or you can let you child carry to bento-style box alone. Instead of throwing a big back of chips or cookies into your child's lunch you can portion out the foods you want them to eat more of and include the treats you want to. There will also be more variety to your child's lunch and they'll appreciate that.

Bright Bins not only make packing food easier but it saves you money. You will no longer need to spend money on zip baggies, plastic wrap or wax paper. The Bright Bin can be washed over and over again and will easily make it through the school year. The best part is, Bright Bin is dishwasher safe and you can even microwave it. Send your kids to school knowing they are enjoying a healthy, homemade meal and they'll also be safe from BPA, phthalates and PVC that is found in many plastic containers these days.
Each Bright Bin retails at about $16.95. You can visit www.brightbin.com for more information or to purchase a Bin for every member of your family (even adults will like this one!)

Way Basics: Keeping Your Home Organized Affordably and Without Formaldehyde or VOC's

Having kids means your house eventually looks like a toy store has exploded. It can be tough to keep toys and books organized so many parents turn to cube style organizers or shelves to store toys in and keep them off the floor and out of the way. What most parents don't realize is that the shelving products they are purchasing are affordable because they're not usually real wood, but these units are usually made of particle board that emits VOC's and formaldehyde in pretty large quantities. Luckily, Way Basics makes a line of storage products in a variety of sizes and colors and they work for every room in the house. The best part is that their products are VOC free and don't emit formaldehyde.

Way Basics products are incredibly easy to assemble which is another great feature. No hardware or tools are needed. Sticky 3M strips adhere each piece to eachother and they are very sturdy and safe. The glue on the strips is even safe and won't emit any odors. Products are made of Z Board which is made completely of recycled cardboard. It may sound odd but you'll find the quality is the same (or better) than other cube organizers. The end result is a lighter, healthier and eco-friendly product that you can use for your kids but you'll find yourself buying pieces for all over your house as well. For more information you can visit www.waybasics.com and start organizing your home in a healthier way.

Monday, May 30, 2011

The Green Garmento: Be Fantastic Use Less Plastic

Every time you get your dry cleaning done consider the amount of plastic that gets used to wrap up your clean clothes and keep them fresh. It's inevitable that you have to cover them up to keep them looking the way they looked when you picked them up from the cleaner but have you ever considered using a more eco-friendly way to accomplish this?
The Green Garmento makes a reusable bag that is recyclable and water resistant. The bag itself is breathable and can hold up to 14 garments. It's design incorporates 4 uses in 1 bag. You can turn the bag upside down to use as a laundry bag, you can line a hamper frame with the Green Garmento, you can use the strap on the bag to turn it into a duffle bag and you can use it as a traditional garment bag.
The Green Garmento even has features such as a clear window for an ID or ticket. A full length side zipper keeps clothes protected and the product is machine washable.
You can purchase a Green Garmento bag (Two are recommended so you can rotate them between home and the cleaner's) by visiting www.thegreengarmento.com. Consider helping the environment and helping your wallet by purchasing a Green Garmento.

Human Gear: For People On The Go

For anybody who has an active lifestyle and is always on the go, Humangear makes a variety of products that are great for traveling by plane, bike or foot. Created by a Stanford graduate who wanted to create a remarkable product that would leave it's impact on the world, Humangear products are a necessity for parents, travelers and more.
The GoToob is a squeezable tube that is airport approved. Each tube has a label system that can be switched when the product inside is changed. You can select from shampoo, conditioner and more and keep your products organized and readily available to you. The valves are drip-free and some of the bottles have suction cups on them so you can stick the tubes to your shower wall or wherever is convenient. Different sizes are available as well.

The GoTubb's uses are endless. You can keep your medication organized in it, fill it with snacks, nuts and bolts, change- really anything you can think of that could be easily lost. Like other containers of it's size, the GoTubb doesn't have a difficult screw-on lid that will leave you fumbling around. The lid easily squeezes on and off and stays on tight when not in use.
For more information on Humangear's products or to place and order you can visit www.humangear.com. 

NiNi Baby

Anyone who is a parent has experienced the delight on a child's face when he or she decides to take her sippy cup, snack cup or toy and throw it out of their moving stroller or into the front seat of the car from their carseat in the back. The child might find it funny but Mom or Dad aren't usually amused when they're trying to get something done and they find themselves stopping every few feet to retrieve baby items. Luckily, NiNi Baby was created in 2009 by a Mom who was tired of the throwing game and decided to come up with a product that would keep all items attached to a stroller, carseat, high chair or more.

The NiNi Baby Toy Bungee is such a great product you'll want a number of them to keep on hand. This product is different from others on the market because of it's unique button design which keeps the bungee fastened and doesn't allow for children to remove it. You'll find yourself attaching a Toy Bungee to everything your toddler owns!
The Toy Bungee can be easily washed with soap and water and it comes in a variety of colors. It's non-toxic and can be purchased for $8.98 at the company's website: www.nini-baby.com.

Skweet Sport Bottle Wash

Skweet Sport Bottle Wash is a cleanser that deodorizes and cleans your water bottles. Water bottles can be difficult to clean and often when you wash them, soapy residue remains inside the bottle or spout. When you go to fill it up and drink out of it again you find yourself ingesting soapy water. Skweet cleanser is great for any type of bottle including aluminum, stainless or even hydration packs. You simply measure out the cleanser into the bottle, fill it up with a little water, close up the bottle and shake it around. If you want you can use a brush to do a better cleaning job but it's not necessary. Rinse out the bottle well and you're ready for your next fill up.
This sport bottle wash is all natural, non-toxic and leaves no residual taste behind. You can order it online or find out the best method for cleaning hydration packs or bottles at: www.skweetclean.com.

Undercover Mama: Make Any Shirt a Nursing Shirt

There are a lot of nursing bras, tanks and shirts on the market but Undercover Mama makes a great product that is really unique and really functional. Their tanks are strapless but have a small hook on each side where the strap would be. You hook those pieces to your own bra that you're wearing, put a normal shirt on over it and you have an instant nursing shirt. When it's time for a feeding, pull up the outer shirt but still be covered by the tank underneath and you are using your own comfortable bra.

A number of neutral shades are available and sizes begin at small and go all the way up to XXL. Each tank is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex and retails at about $24.99 each. Undercover Mama tanks can be found online at a variety of retailers. You can also visit www.undercovermama.com for more information. For maximum life expectancy you should wash your tank in cold water and lay it flat to dry. When you're done nursing your baby you can still use your Undercover Mama along with a normal bra. They are incredibly comfortable tanks that fit great.

Maisy's First Clock

This educational board book is a great investment for the little ones. A moveable clock is situated on the last page of the book and can be seen on each page. Different pages address different points in Maisy the Mouse's day and encourages children to choose what Maisy needs at that time. You can move the hands on the clock to show the child the time and reinforce the concept by talking about what your child does at that time of day. What do you as a family have in common with Maisy's daily schedule?
Maisy's First Clock, published by Candlewick Press and written by Lucy Cousins, is a great investment to begin the learning process of telling time. You can teach your child about time but they'll love reading about cute Maisy over and over again.

Allens Naturally: For People Who Care About Their World

As someone who is sensitive to harmful chemicals I have spent a few years making various switches in our home that eliminate the need for harsh cleaning products, unsafe cookware, non-organic cosmetics and beauty products and more. The one item I couldn't quite eliminate was laundry detergent. While I made the switch to dye and fragrance free soap many years ago I was unable to find a product that got the stains off my son's clothing, got clothes clean and made the bed sheets smell fresh and clean without smelling like perfume. For people who cloth diaper their children, it can be tough finding a detergent that works well with the cloth not to mention detergent that could be used for all the laundry in the home and be affordable at the same time.
Allens Naturally makes a number of products, including laundry detergent, that are free of dyes, perfumes and fragrances. A number of people with multiple chemical sensitivities swear by their products and after trying the detergent I'm hooked as well. No residue if left behind after a load of wash is completed and the best part is that one ounce (Or even less depending on your water and machine) of detergent completes an entire large load of wash. The pump-style bottle perfectly dispenses the proper amount of soap each time. The clothes actually come out of the washer smelling fresh and clean but without irritating perfumes that can mask the fact that the clothes might not be completely clean. Their products are also free from animal testing.
Other products from Allens Naturally include fabric softener, glass and surface cleaner, dish washing liquid, dishwasher detergent, all purpose cleaner and fruit and veggie wash. You can visit www.allensnaturally.com for more information or to order one of their products. After trying just one of their products I can guarantee you'll want to switch over to all their items and you can do so with affordability. If you're unsatisfied, Allens Naturally offers a money back guarantee to anyone who tries their products and are unhappy with their purchase.

Skoy: Earth Friendly Cloths

Skoy cloths are an environmentally friendly alternative to paper towels or sponges. 2.5 millions paper towels are being used annual in our country and while sponges can be used a few times before throwing them away, they can harvest harmful bacteria and eventually must be disposed of. Skoy cloths can be used so many times, one cloth equals 15 rolls of paper towels. They can be machine washed and dried and when they dry they harden into sheets so a large stack of them can be stored under the sink. When you wet the cloth it softens back to washcloth-like consistancy.

Skoy is run by two moms who make sure their product is created with renewable raw materials and is environmentally friendly. This reusable cloth will change the way you clean your home as well as change the money that comes out of your budget each month. A four pack of Skoy cloths costs $6.99. Different prints and colors are available and you can purchase these cloths or find out more by visiting www.skoycloth.com.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Bellybuds: A Safe and Convenient Way to Share Audio With Your Baby

Scientific research concludes that playing audio to the womb can help development and growth of the baby. Aside from having mom or dad talk to baby through mom's belly playing music or other audio for the baby can also be beneficial. Bellybuds are a safe way to play music and audio through the womb and their technology makes sure the volume level won't pass a certain point that would be unhealthy for baby. The sound waves penetrate the womb and reach the child but it's softer than the mother's heartbeat sounds to the baby. A baby has the ability to hear fully at 20 weeks and their memory begin to form at 30 weeks. This early development can be taken advantage of with use of Bellybuds and simple audio.

Bellybuds now participates with VoiceShare Voice Recording to help bridge the gap between out of town family members and the baby. VoiceShare can be used to record audio and then play it on the Bellybuds using any standard audio player. This is a great program for grandparents who want to get involved but don't live nearby or even if dad is currently overseas and can't bond with his wife and baby in their home during those nine months.

Each set of Bellybuds comes with bellyphones, two sets of adhesive rings so you don't have to hold the buds over the belly, you can adhere them temporarily, buddons which help muffle the sound to the outside world, a storage pouch, docks to keep the bellyphones clean and hygenic between use and an audio splitter so you can listen to the same music your baby is listening to, providing a unique bonding experience before he or she even arrives.

Bellybuds retail for about $49.99 and you can purchase them online or at select retailers nationwide. Visit www.bellybuds.com for more information.

Finis- Children's Products and Much More

Whether you're a professional, aspiring swimmer or a child just learning to take their first strokes in the pool, Finis is the "worldwide leader in technical swimming development." Their adult products such as goggles, caps, underwater MP3 players and underwater watches all stand proud at the top of the swim product market. For the ultimate safety and comfort for your child, their Finz, goggles, DVD's and floatation devices are all must haves whether you're traveling to the local town pool for swim lessons or you're spending the day on a boat.

Finis has a line of washable and reusable swim diapers that are great for babies or toddlers who want to have fun in the water along with the rest of the family. No longer will your little one need to wear a big, heavy diaper that weighs them down and makes them uncomfortable. These swim diapers come in sizes for infants all the way up to 4T. They are made of polyester and they are resistant to the effects of chlorine. You can also purchase safety quality life vests in a variety of sizes to ensure a perfect fit for your child. You can use these for the first time exploring the pool or out in a large body of water to ensure your child is safe. Boost a child's confidence with inflatable water exploration devices that they can hang on to and float around the water on. Older kids can use them to practice their stroke techniques.

Finis offers a number of DVD's that are great learning tools for parents or teachers who want to educate young children on the safety and ability of learning to swim. Go Swim Positioning Techniques teaches parents or coaches how to fine tune student's strokes to perfection. Steve Haufler is the host of the DVD and is known for being one of the best stroke teachers in the world. The Water Proof Kids DVD is an education tool for very young children who are learning to explore and swim in the water and need to know the precautions that should be taken in the water.

Finis' online site (www.finisinc.com) is a one stop shop for all things water. You can not only buy all your top of the line gear here but you can buy bags, footwear and apparel on their site.
How to Promote Creative Play in the Classroom


A child learns how to be creative with art, imagination and music while playing. Children learn social skills as they play together and work together in the classroom. The developmental stimulation that occurs with creative play is as important as learning from a book or a teacher. Creative play also can encourage students' independence and emotional development.

Allow children time each day to play freely with one another using a variety of toys or books in the classroom. Children can find a toy they like and play with it how they choose. If more than one child like the same toy this will promote sharing and social interaction. The children can work together with their imaginations and creativity.

Let the children put on a play or re-enactment. Depending on the children's ages, you can assign lines to learn or you can stick with songs and movement. Allow the children to come up with costume ideas, create backdrops and scenery. You can even invite parents to see the finished product. Parental encouragement and approval is important for promoting creative play.

Set out clay or Play Doh along with cookie cutters, kid-safe scissors and rollings pins and allow the children to each have their own piece of clay or Play Doh. Encourage them to make any creation they want using the tools. At the end of the activity, encourage the children to talk about what they created and why. You can even have an art show to display the creations.

Children love arts and crafts so setting out paper, paint, glue, scissors, tape, glitter, beads, markers and more will stimulate creative play. Children can create pictures, masks, cards or whatever else they want using the items available. Again, you can discuss what each child made and show the artwork to the children's parents to showcase their creativity.