Wednesday, June 29, 2011

If you're new to the Paper Jamz line of products, they are basically a set of guitars, amps, microphones and drums that are paper thin. Their technology allows them to be lightweight, kid friendly and sound great. Their latest release is the Pro Series Microphone. The MSRP is $29.99 and is appropriate for kids ages 8 and up. My 3 year old had a blast with this toy but had close supervision.

The Perfect Pitch Technology that the Pro Series Microphone uses allows you to sing along with the 2 songs that are included with the unit but you can add more using your computer. The singer's pitch is analyzed in real time to make anyone sound like a rock star and there is the option of singing solo or with the artist's voice track.
Other features such as Auto-Harmony, Auto-Vibrato and Chorus allows your kids to feel (And sound) like a pro for an affordable cost to mom and dad. Each Microphone can hold 3 songs at a time and they can be found at You can find the latest Paper Jamz products at many local retail stores or online. Add the Pro Series Microphone to the other products in the Paper Jamz line and watch your kids create their own music!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Detecting, Destroying and Removing Lice

Luckily, my son has never come in contact with lice and I sure do hope he never does. Unfortunately, however, many children do come in contact with the pesky bug at some point, often when they are school age. There are a few products on the market that claim to rid your child's head of lice but they are often pretty toxic because they are in fact, pesticides. LiceGuard makes a safe product called the Robi Comb which uses an electric battery charged comb to collect and zap the bugs. They are then combed out of the hair. The process sounds tricky since you can't always see lice, but the Robi Comb gives out an audible signal to alert you that lice are indeed present.

Keeping a Robi Comb on hand at home is a great investment on the occasion that head lice make their way into your quarters. Sharing clothing, bedding, toys and even playing with other kids at the playground can make a child susceptible to lice so getting rid of them as soon as they touch your child is something you'll want to accomplish. It's also important to vacuum frequently, wash bedding and toys frequently and try your best to prevent passing lice on to other family members and friends.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Radius Toothbrushes for the Whole Family

Radius Toothbrushes are unlike other brushes in their market. These brushes features larger, softer heads that cover more surface area and last longer than your typical toothbrush. Created by two architects who were displeased with the poor quality brushes they were finding, James O'Halloran and Kevin Foley created a line of toothbrushes that allow children and adults to brush longer, more comfortably and more efficiently.
The original Radius toothbrush features different brushes for left handed and right handed people. A variety of colors are available and each brush has very fine bristles and a large oval brush area. The handle portion is also designed to be more comfortable and secure than other models. This design also comes in a smaller version for children.

The Source toothbrush by Radius comes in three different handle varieties: Recycled dollar bills, recycled wood and recycled flax. The head on the Source brush is replaceable. These brushes also come in right and left handed varieties. The bristles are not aligned which prevents wear on teeth when brushing 2-3 times daily.
Natural flosses and cases are also available from Radius. You can find these brushes and a number of retail stores or by visiting

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Aladdin Reusable and Recycled Water Bottles

Many of you probably remember the old school character lunchboxes from many, many years ago. The company that made those lunchboxes is still around today and has made it their goal to create new and innovate designs to stay with the changing times. Aladdin now makes recycled and reusable travel mugs, stainless steel water bottles and reusable lunch containers and systems. A variety of water bottles, thermoses, soup bowls and insulated bottles are also on the market from Aladdin and their products are extremely high quality and affordable.

In my household we have a water purification unit and we utilize reusable bottles to take our water out with us. We also make it a point to not use plastic bottles for the most part because of the chemical leeching that can occur so we use glass and stainless steel bottles. After using a number of different brands over the course of the past 5 years that we've been doing this, I have to say I've enjoyed Aladdin's bottles extensively. The bottles are durable, easy to clean, attractive and convenient. Purchasing a simple stainless water bottle along with a travel mug is really the extent you need to get by each day. For people who pack their lunches and take them to work or on the go, the food containers are really great and are very high quality. Not surprising seeing as how this company has been around since 1908. For more information or to make a purchase you can visit

Traveling Down the Organic Path With Nature's Path Organic

In my household I do the grocery shopping. I also do all the cooking and for a couple of years now we've started consuming a lot more organic food than we used to. Products like cereal, oatmeal, snacks, granola, dried fruits, waffles and baking mixes are almost always organic in my house and I'm always trying new brands to see if we like their variety better than other companies on the market. It's taken some time to get used to foods like lentils, whole wheat flour and agave nectar instead of refined sugar but sometimes it's hard to make the switch to organic not only because of the cost but because some of the foods can taste a little different- especially when their texture is different because of different ingredients than you're used to. Nature's Path Organics provides consumers with a really great line of organic products that are super affordable and taste delicious. Your family won't be able to tell the difference in taste but they'll be eating better.

My absolute favorite product from the Nature's Path Organic line is the buttermilk pancake dry mix. I used to make my own pancake mix from scratch but after trying this mix for convenience I don't make anything else. It's simple to scoop out 1 cup of the mix, add some water and pour into the pan, but because it's so easy I always add an egg, substitute milk instead of water and I add bananas, blueberries or plain oats to the mix for healthier pancakes. It's a great base for a pancake and you can enjoy them alone or with additions. The bag is about $5 and it makes about 5 breakfasts worth.

Our second family favorite is the instant oatmeal mixes. A variety of flavors are included such as Flax Plus, Hemp Plus, Apple Cinnamon, Maple Nut and more. Many of the mixes are fortified with Omega's and these mixes are so good for you, you'll be eating them everyday. Between my husband and I we go through 2 boxes each week. Even my 3 year old son loves the oatmeal.

The frozen waffle varieties from Nature's Path Organics are great and it's really convenient to keep a couple boxes on hand at all times for quick yet nutritious breakfasts. You can buy plain, gluten free waffles that taste just like regular non-organic waffles (But so much healthier!) or you can try one of the other varieties such as Buckwheat, Flax Plus Red Berry, Maple Cinnamon or Mesa Sunrise. You can also treat your kids (or spouses!) to their toaster pastries which are fantastic because they're made with whole grains, real fruit and no refined sugar. You won't feel bad about serving these up as a breakfast or snack.

Nature's Path Organics is located in British Columbia and they house their very own organic garden to grow their own ingredients. You can trust this company to provide you and your family with healthy, all natural and organic food that is nourishing and safe to consume. You can visit for more information or visit your local grocery store to inquire about Nature's Path Organics.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Camelbak Hydration Options

60% of our bodies are made up of water. This percentage explains why it is recommended that we drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. If we don't, our entire body will lag in it's functioning and organs won't be able to perform at their peak ability. Water helps filter toxins out of our body, it helps digest our food and it helps fuel our immune system to fight off illness and disease. Whether you are working, engaging in an outdoor activity or simply spending time at home, keeping some sort of water hydration nearby is important. Camelbak makes a number of products that are great for people of all activity levels.

For the hiker, fitness enthusiast or runner, full hydration packs that can be worn on the back or around the waist are useful in keeping hydration nearby but without having to carry a large, heavy bottles. Depending on your needs you can buy smaller packs that are great for shorter durations and larger packs will keep you going for long journeys.
Water bottles include stainless steel bottles and plastic bottles that come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. The straw design requires the person to bite down on the tip in order to begin water flow out of the bottle so these are pretty safe inside a backpack or on a bike. A number of Camelbak's bottles are insulated as well so you won't have to drink down hot water on an excursion.
A number of accessories and drinks are available on Camelbak's website as well: A wide variety of products are available and you can find very affordable products for the whole family as well as high end hydration systems for the professionals.

Stay Hydrated This Summer With Bobble Bottles

By now we all know that utilizing reusable water bottles is a great way to say money as well as helping out the environment. Each year, $1.5 Million barrels of oil are used to create the water bottles that end up in landfills all over the country. There are a great deal of reusable water bottles on the market and while some prefer plastic and others prefer stainless, there are people who are looking for an even more eco-friendly option when choosing a water bottle. Bobble Water bottles are not only reusable, but they come with a carbon filter (which can be replaced periodically) to help filter out all of the impurities and chemicals that is found in our tap water. 13 ounce bottles, all the way up to 34 ounce bottles encompass what Bobble is all about. A variety of colors are available and you should replace the filter every 2 months or so, depending on how often you use it. 
Chemicals that are found in our tap water can include chlorine, perchlorate, benzine, atrazine and many more. You may be surprised to find that one of the byproducts used for disinfection can often be found in tap water and it can increase your risk of cancer by 100%. While a whole house water purification system can be a great investment, a simple, affordable carbon filter can remove these contaminents and prevent you from ingesting them on a daily basis.
You can purchase Bobble Water bottles online at or you can find them in various retail stores including Target for about $9.

Making Naptime Easier with Nap Mats, Etc.

In 2002, Nap Mats, Etc. was created using 100% high quality cotton fabrics. This all-in-one system is thick, durable and has quilted polyester batting in it which adds additional padding to the mat. The entire unit (Which is 26" wide and 48" long) folds up, velcros shut and has a thick padded handle for easy carrying by parent or even child.
The best part about Nap Mats, Etc. is that their price is currently $60 for each nap mat they sell. After looking online at a variety of mat systems available for kids, this price is extremely fair and reasonable, especially for the quality. These handmade mats come in a variety of colors and designs. All of the fabric used is extremely high quality and the whole mat is washable. You can even have the mat monogrammed with your child's name which not only looks nice but it's an easy way to 'name tag' the product to ensure it won't get swiped.

High quality fleece blankets are also for sale on for only $15. Minkee fabric blankets are also for sale on the site. A lot of the nap mats on the market have attached blankets but I actually prefer this one which does not. You can switch the blanket and add a clean one without having to wash the whole mat if it's not necessary.
Each nap mat can be ordered online by visiting and are delivered using Fedex. They arrive very quickly and are in flawless condition. This is a great product for kids who are in daycare, preschool, kindergarten, or even for nights when your little one is scared of the thunder and wants to sleep in your room. Everyone has a use for this nap mat in their home.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

BabyGanics: Safe Products for the Whole Family

The BabyGanics product line was created by 2 dads who decided to make a line of vegetable based products that are safe for the whole family. A number of cleaning products on the market these days contain chemicals that can be harmful on not only a child's respiratory system but also and adult's. Asthma has almost doubled in the past 20 years and something you may not know is that within 26 seconds of breathing in a cleaning product, those chemicals can be found in every organ of the body. Aside from the products that add essential oils as fragrance, everything is truly fragrance free and works great. There are cleaning products, sanitizers and bathing products that all work wonderfully and are really affordable. Some local baby specialty stores in my area constantly have sales going on and I can get these products usually buy one get one free.

I absolutely love these products. A couple of years ago I was trying to find an all purpose spray cleaner that I could use on everything: floors, countertops and even my son's high chair. I picked up a bottle of BabyGanic's Unscented All Purpose Spray and I was hooked. I ordered 3 more bottles online and have kept a few bottles under my sink at all times since then. I've used the spray on hardwood flooring, linoleum flooring, kitchen counters, bathroom counters, windows, highchairs, snack trays, wood furniture and even on toys. The all purpose spray never leaves a residue behind, there's no smell and I don't have to worry about any chemicals that could get onto my son's skin.
The second product I tried from the BabyGanics line was the Unscented Foaming Shampoo and Body Wash. Same concept as the all purpose spray but this product comes out of a special container and foams. I've used it on my son for over a year now and it gets him clean but never dries out his skin like a lot of other products we've used. I can use it on his hair, all the way down to his toes. I even use this soap and so does my husband. After being tired of navigating around 4 different bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash and more, we were able to replace all those products (which are chalk full of chemicals anyway) with one really great product that works for everything. It leaves you smelling fresh and unlike some other organic shampoos I've tried, it gets my hair clean and doesn't leave an oily residue.
Some of the other kitchen products are great. The dishwasher detergent works really well and the best part is that one bottle lasts such a long time. You only have to use a tiny pinch in the dishwasher and all the dishes get clean, there's no residue left over and it's completely unscented and safe for the environment as well. The dishwashing detergent is another BabyGanics product I always have at least two of in the house.
You can visit for more information or to find out where you can purchase these products.

Smart Trike: A Safe Way To Ride

As a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of tricycles, Smart Trike provides products that are innovative and useful for babies all the way up to toddlers and pre-schoolers.
Their products can be found in over 40 countries all over the world and their designs are made to stimulate motor development for young children and children become independent and successful while playing with these tricycles.

Most of Smart Trikes products focus on a multi-step system so one bike can be used in a number of different ways as a child grows, instead of needing to buy 2-3 different products over the course of 5 years or so. Products like the Smart Trike Zoo allows for babies to begin riding the bike while their parent’s push with a handle attached to the back of the bike. Unlike other products that are similar to the Smart Trike line, many of these seats are fabric and are washable. This allows for children to be more comfortable and to use the product at a younger age. The typical hard, plastic seats don’t always provide a safe way for babies to ride. When the child becomes older, the seat enclosure can be removed and the parent can still push. Eventually the Zoo can become a single tricycle that a toddler can learn to peddle on his or her own.
As a multi-toy-award winner, Smart Trike has produced a great product that is affordable and will actually save parents money over time. Children can ride the bikes until about 33 pounds and the scooters can be used until 44 pounds. Smart Trikes can be purchased at a variety of retailers (Such as Toys R Us) or online. You can visit to find a location nearest you.

The Women's Bean Project: Providing Opportunities Since 1989

In 1989 the Women’s Bean Project was created by Jossy Eyre who was volunteering at a woman’s shelter at the time. The plan of the Project was to help women escape poverty and unemployment by giving them the stepping stones they needed to get on their own two feet. Beginning with just $500 worth of beans and two women in need of work, the Women’s Bean Project has now become a $1.5 million yearly budget.
In 1993, the first grocery store began carrying products from the women of the Women’s Bean Project and in 1995 the Project was able to purchase their permanent home in Denver and they still operate their business there today. Salsa mixes, spice rubs, baked good mixes, soup mixes, jelly beans and more are all available from the Women’s Bean Project to date. Giving opportunities to single mothers, uneducated women, homeless women and women recovering from substance abuse now have a purpose and a job to go to each day. They are able to support themselves and their families because of one woman’s idea. Not only do these women make money but they learn life skills, responsibility and drive.
In addition to the mixes and food that you can purchase from the Women’s Bean Project, you can also buy gift baskets and jewelry. Beautiful necklaces, bracelets and earings are handcrafted and are incredibly affordable. You can buy a beaded necklace for only $20. If you are also feeling charitable you can donate to the Women’s Bean Project by visiting their website at

Glass Dharma: A Fancy, Eco-Friendly and Fun Way To Drink

Whether you're sipping on a cocktail, giving your kids a cup of juice of drinking your 8 daily glasses of water, everything seems to taste better with a straw. It's no illusion, people drink more water each day if they drink through a straw. Today, many families are boycotting unnecessary plastic products not only because of it's disposability but because it can leech harmful toxins and chemicals into the food and drink we're consuming. Plastic straws are no different and luckily, Glass Dharma provides a new product that lets you drink through a straw, but lets you know it's safe because it's made entirely of glass.

This product concept might sound a little unsafe seeing as how straws are typically very thin and bendable. Glass Dharma's straws come in a variety of thicknesses, shapes and sizes. You can even buy a variety that has a bend in the top. Different designs and colors are also available. Most straws vary in price from about $6.99 to $8.99 depending on the size, but keep in mind these straws can be used forever as long as you take care of them properly. A small brush comes with each straw so you can thoroughly clean the inside and make sure they're ready for their next use. Glass Dharma provides a lifetime guarantee for their products so if there's a problem or something on the straw becomes damaged or breaks, you can head over to their website for more information on how to get a new one.
Borosilicate glass straws (The strongest glass available) from Glass Dharma are a must have for any household. They work great for kids, couples or family. For travel with your straws you can visit for a number of accessories you can use including hemp sleeves and extra brushes.