Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lovebook Online - Review

What a cute product! LoveBook Online lets you create personalized picture books for your friends and loved ones. Each page has a simple stick-figure-type drawing chosen by you from a huge list. You can create a book for your spouse that tells them all the things you love about them, a book for child that tells them all the fun things you love doing together or books for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and Christmas. There are a ton of different options to show the ones you love just how much you care.

A basic book starts at just under $30 and this includes a lot of different page choices. You can or remove pages and you have the ability to create your own drawings and ideas as well. The book itself is shipped really quickly and it is made really well. The hardcover is durable and high quality. For the price, this unique gift idea is definately something your loved one will be talking about and looking at for a long time to come!

You can visit for more information or to create your own LoveBook!