Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Glutino - July Product Review

Well our perfect little bundle of joy decided to make his arrival a bit early and on July 16th we welcomed our second son, Christian, into our family. Since then life has been nothing short of hectic and while Christian is a wonderful little baby, we have had to get back into our routines with work and our first son's activities. Easy, pre-made meals and handy snacks have kept us going through the long nights and the busy days. I recently received my July shipment of samples from Glutino and received some really great products that have been useful.

Toaster Pastries
Think Pop Tarts but better. Glutino's version is gluten free and free of gross additives like preservatives and artificial dyes. They're just as tasty and my husband and son fight over these bad boys.

Glutino has a ton of different gluten free pretzels and they are all delicious. One of the things I missed most when I went gluten free was pretzels because they're such a low calorie, filling snack. You can dip them in just about anything and they are easy to take on the go. The Glutino honey mustard version are awesome.

Pie Crust Mix
I like to keep a pie crust mix handy in my pantry. Usually it gets used for a chicken pot pie or with all of the fresh, homegrown fruit coming to our local markets, whipping up a quick pie is a cinch with a Glutino pie crust mix.

Sea Salt Crackers
It's really helpful to keep a basic cracker on hand that you can use plain, or with something like hummus, peanut butter or a dip of some sort. Glutino's Sea Salt Crackers have a great consistency and texture to them and they're also really tasty.

For more information on Glutino's latest products or to find out where you can buy some of their great products, you can visit www.glutino.com.