Saturday, December 3, 2011

Organic Products From Their Family To Yours: Nature's Baby Organics

Nature's Baby Organics makes products that are safe for the whole family. Ingredients are natural, organic and are extremely effective. In the winter time my son's skin gets quite dry and sometimes small patches of eczema can flare up if I don't keep his skin slathered in lotion. The problem is that I hadn't found a lotion that kept his skin juicy long enough to keep dry skin away for the whole day. I was re-applying lotion two to three times a day. Nature's Baby Organics Soothing Stick works really great and I'm glad I received this. It comes like a big oversized chapstick tube and you can apply it liberally to any area of the skin that needs protection such as the cheeks, arms or legs. It's scentless and has ingredients such as chamomile, shea butter and olive oil. It doesn't get much more natural than this.
I've always been incredibly cautious with my son's skin. While I occassionally like to slather on some regular store-brand lotion, I pay more attention to what is going onto my son's delicate body and skin. I like Nature's Baby Organics because the products are so simple but they work well. They feature a full ingredient disclosure on every product which is great because not many people realize that many bath and body products don't always list some of their ingredients which could cause allergies or health problems for many people. All products are also paraben, SLS, phthalate and propylene glycol free. Packaging is BPA free as well.
Nature's Baby Organics has products for kids of all ages, and adults will even be stealing a few drops here and there. Shampoo, conditioner, diaper ointment, baby oil, chest rub, dusting powder and bubble bath are all available and all perfectly safe. The best part is that all of these products are baby staples that almost every nursery has.

B.Witching Bath Company For Your Entire Home

I love products. It's always been my weakness and I always love natural-smelling soaps, lotions, scrubs and more. I've never been one for chemical-packed items that make me wonder if ingredients I can't pronounce are safe for us so I was happy to be in touch with the B.Witching Bath Co. Their beauty secrets are currently serving customers all over the world.

B. Witching Bath Company's products include ingredients that lightly scent your body and your home such as therapeutic botanicals, essential oils along with minimal preservatives. My absolute favorite is their Kitchen and Garden soaps. Since I'm a stay at home mom who works from home, it seems I'm always doing dishes. I've stuck with organic or natural-based soaps since my son was born because I felt it was safer to wash his bottles with those products instead of harsh chemical soaps. The problem is that most of the soaps I've used have no scent or a strong citrus smell which a person can get quite tired of. With soaps like Rosemary and Herb, Mango Chutney, Heirloom Tomato and Bordeaux, my kitchen now smells wonderful all time! I love that tea tree oil is included as a natural antibacterial.
B.Witching Bath Company's products aren't mass produced with little attention. Most products require over 35 steps to create and certain products are only made during certain times of the year because of the availability of ingredients.
Products are never tested on animals and you can trust these products are safe for your whole family. I wash sippy cups, pet bowls, dishes, pots and pans in the soaps and love them! You can also find bath, face and men's products at Prices are very reasonable and they are a great addition to any home. They are also great gift options.

Embracing Emotions with the Worry Woos

The Worry Woo Monsters are a delightful toy option for children who tend to experience emotions such as loneliness, insecurity, innocence, confusion, worry or frusteration. The colorful and cuddly stuffed animal coupled with the book explain the emotion and how to properly deal with it.
Designed by Andi Green, the Worry Woos were first featured in a New York City art exhibition back in 2001. The goal was to inspire people to embrace their emotions and she was approached to turn her creations into stories to help others. In 2007 the Worry Woo collection was released.
Each story comes in a hard cover book that is illustraded with pen, ink and watercolor. Approximately 67 pages feature each character. The plush dolls are soft and meet ASTM standards. They are about 11 inches in height and are made of safe materials that you can trust with your children.
Nola, Rue, Fuddle, Squeek, Twitch and Wince will all help comfort your child during rough times in their childhood. When you don't know quite what to say, a little coaching from the Worry Woos will help parents connect with their children and help them feel comfortable and safe with their emotions.
You can visit for more information or to order your own set.

Protecting Your Child With Allerbling

Food allergies are on the rise and some of the most common triggers for children are peanuts, milk, wheat, fish and eggs. While some children grow out of their allergies, many are plagued by them for most of their life. When your child becomes old enough to head to pre-school or kindergarten on their own, you try your best to educate them as well as the school's staff on the nature of the allergy and what should be avoided, but mistakes are always made, especially if someone isn't aware there is an allergy present in the class. Allerbling has made a great product that helps protects children from having an adverse reaction to a food or product by alerting people that they have an existing allergy. It's also great for parents to put their mind at ease that your child will be safe while they are away from you for the day.
Allerbling is a wristband that can be customized to reflect specific allergies by adding small 'buttons' to the bracelet. You can then secure it to your child's wrist and it is colorful enough that people will take notice. It may also remind your child to communicate their allergy to someone who may be serving them food.
A standard Allerbling set comes with charms for allergies to soy, tree nuts, dairy, shellfish, eggs, peanuts, wheat and fish. Each bracelet can hold up to 4 charms along with the medical cross charm. The cross is recommended to catch people's attention more and make them aware a life threatening situation could occur if these foods are consumed.
For more information you can visit Allerbling is dedicated to supporting organizations that raise awareness and work to find a cure to stop food allergies.

Keeping Your Pet Cheerful With Cheerful Pet Toys

With the holiday season approaching it's time to think about all the special people in our life. We can't forget about our beloved furbabies though, and should make sure there's something special under the tree for them too.

A Cheerful Pet is a family owned business and they have a passion for helping people and they aim to provide pets with unique and attractive products. Their pet toys are designed in the United States and are crafted by hand in Nepal. Each piece is handmade with 100% New Zealand wool, and is completely unique and a one-of-a-kind.
The set of standards that products are upheld to at A Cheerful Pet confirms that you will receive a quality gift for your pet that they will love. The prices are also very comparable to other products at local pet supply stores and online. They are durable and will hold up well.
A number of different products are available including small bone-shaped chew toys, frisbees, animal shapes, balls and even pull toys that are strong despite their wool make-up.
You can visit for more information or to order a toy for your pet. Become a fan on their facebook page as well for contests, special offers and pet photos.