Friday, November 30, 2012


This is a really cute idea. You simply send in a photo of yourself, the pros over at IAMASTUFFEDANIMAL.COM design a cartoon doll based on your photo and magically you receive a stuffed doll that looks just like you! It's a great gift idea for a girlfriend, a child whose parent is away overseas or a friend who might want to snuggle up with you at night :)

If you don't want a doll made with your own photo you can order a pre-made doll that features Obama's mug or even Gandhi (these are hillarious). There is also a DIY Buddy which I got for my son. You can color your own stuffed person using the markers provided.

For more information you can head over to IAMASTUFFEDANIMAL.COM. Prices vary depending on whether you are creating a personalized product or not.

Elle Nail Lacquer - Review

I love to match my nail polish to my outfit or to the season. There are so many great colors out there and I love to pick up a new shade whenever I'm at the store wandering. The only thing I don't like is that a number of the polishes I have purchased don't last long at all. I don't expect them to last forever since it seems that I'm always washing my hands, cooking, cleaning, etc. but I really don't like the ones that barely make it to the end of the day before the tips are already starting to wear off. Elle Nail Lacquer is a great line of polishes that  last for quite a few days and look great.

Elle Nail Lacquers come in 28 different shades that are not only classic but also trendy. The best part is that they are free of DBP, toluene and formaldehyde. Each bottle retails for about $10 which is a little pricy but you'll use less polish trying to patch up chips and repair your nails after a few days.

Elle suggests that you apply a clear coat before applying the polish in two coats. You can also finish with another clear coat. I usually only do two coats of polish and it works great. I also like how quickly it dries.

You can check out Elle Nail Lacquer at Kohl's and

Eyes Cream Shades - Review

I wish it were summertime so we could put on our sunglasses and sit outside in the warm sun, baking in the heat. There's nothing like spending time at the beach or in our backyard when it's warm and sunny out. Ok so the reality is that it's winter and dreary out today but we still get those gloriously sunny days where we can at least go outside to play in snow or go for a quick walk down the street. The sun can be pretty blinding in the winter with all the white snow to reflect off of so putting your little ones in some sunglasses from Eyes Cream Shades will not only help them see where they are going better but it will also protect their eyes.

Eyes Cream Shades are really stylish but they serve more purpose than the character-themed ones you will find in stores. Harmful rays from the sun can damage your child's delicate eyes and you want to keep them protected if you can.

I like that Eyes Cream Shades are really durable for such a fashionable looking pair of sunglasses. They are made from what seems like a very flexible plastic and the lenses won't easily pop out or crack like other children's glasses.

You can visit for more information or to order a pair for your own child. It's a great stocking stuffer idea as well for this holiday season.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Solay Wellness- Salt Lamp Review

When the oceans dried up in different parts of the world bio-energetic crystal salt was created. This was millions of years ago and the health benefits of this salt has been being used for many, many years. Solay Wellness Salt Lamps are made from crystal salt and have a small energy efficient light bulb inserted into a drilled out crevice inside the salt block. An electrical charge is emitted when the lamp is lit and negative ions can help us with purifying the air; ridding it of allergens, smoke, dust and bacteria.

Not only are Solay Wellness’ lamps beneficial they are also pleasant to look at. They glow a soft red / orange color and the brightness can be adjusted to your preference. You can place one almost anywhere in your home. Sleeping with one in your bedroom can promote a more restorative and beneficial rest while putting one next to your computer can combat anything harmful that may be coming from your electronics. You can also keep one in your office or in your kitchen. Anywhere you frequent often is the perfect place for your lamp.

Very little maintenance is needed for your lamp. The lamp will attract moisture from the air if the humidity level in your home is high. Simply make sure you turn the lamp on occasionally to help dry it out. You can also wipe it down with a cloth, making sure to switch it on for a bit afterwards.

You can visit for more information on their salt lamps as well as some other products this company offers to help you improve your health and well being. 

J.K. Adams Company- Cutting Board Review

I like to keep a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables in the house and munch on them as well as cook with them on a daily basis. Because of this I have a number of cutting boards that I rotate in my kitchen so I don't mark up the counters or any of my dishes. I have a trusty plastic one that I use for meat (Don't want any of that cross-contamination!) but I like to have a variety of wooden ones as well for the fruits and veggies. J.K. Adams Company makes some really high end cutting boards that are made right in the U.S.A. They are great to have for yourself or to gift to your loved ones who adore cooking this holiday season.

J.K. Adams Company makes a variety of products including cutting boards, wine racks and knife racks. Their products are heavy duty, made from high quality wood. I tried out one of their new fruit shaped cutting boards (The Pear) and it's great. It's nice and hard so I haven't left many marks in it since using it. My only complaint with this one was that where two pieces of wood came together near the thinner stem of the board, it ended up splitting a bit and a little chunk came off. This happened a few times after washing it but luckily it cracked gracefully and you really can't see where the part came off. Other than that it's a nice small board that I can stow away in my cupboard when it's not in use.

I also tried out a much larger rectangular board. This one was really durable, heavy and was good for a number of different cooking jobs. This is a good purchase for someone who wants to keep their cutting board out on the counter or wants a board that doubles as a work area to protect their counter. I found it's a little too big for me to store anywhere but out in the open but I do have a smaller kitchen.

You can visit for more information on J.K. Adams Company's products or to purchase a product for yourself or one of your loved ones.

Dr Bronner's - Review

I like to keep things simple so when it comes to products I like items that can be used for a number of different purposes. Dr Bronner's All-One products are just that. You can use them as a body wash, shampoo, laundry detergent, dish soap and much more. Their products are all USDA Organic and Fair Trade.

At one point Dr Bronner's was known solely for their soap products. Now they have opened up their brand to a number of different products including some hair care products such as their Lavender Hair Conditioning Creme. All their scents come from natural essential oils and smell amazing.

I love the basic Dr Bronner's soaps. I've tried a number of the scents for myself and love that one big bottle can replace shampoo, conditioner, soap, shaving gel and more. I have purchased the unscented version in the past when my son was a baby. The soap is very gentle and didn't aggravate his skin at all. It works well for oily skin and hair but it also won't dry you out. It's a very balancing soap that works better than a lot of the other chemical-based products I've tried.

You can visit for more information. Dr Bronner's products can be found online as well as in many grocery stores and health food stores across the country.

Moonjar- Moneybox Review

The holiday season is a great time of year to teach our little ones about people who are less fortunate than us. It’s important to show them what we have that we should be thankful for and to come up with ways to share with others who may not be as fortunate as we are. Moonjar is a great product that can help you do just that.

Created in 2001 by Eualalie Scandiuzzi, Moonjar is named after the concept of shooting for the moon along with the tradition of putting your hopes and dreams in a jar. The Moonjar teaches children what to do when they receive money. They can allot certain amounts to different locations of their jar. Money can be divided among the saving, spending and sharing sections. From there you can put the savings into the child’s bank account, let them spend the money they have put aside to reward themselves and the sharing section is where the real meaning comes in. You can help your child come up with a great way to share their money either by participating in a canned food drive, toy drive or donating to a local soup kitchen.

Moonjar is a compact product that won’t take up more room that a traditional piggy bank would. It’s a great product to gift to children you know this holiday season and it’s very affordable, costing $25. The three sections come apart so you can easily remove the money when it’s time. Each section is colored differently.

You can visit for more information. Moonjar also promotes childhood literacy and has a number of other great products available on their website.