Thursday, April 28, 2016

Glutino - Product Review - April 2016

I have to admit,  this pregnancy I have cheated quite a bit when it comes to my gluten free diet. For whatever reason, I have been able to tolerate small amounts of gluten here and there. If I over indulge, I suffer, but its nice to munch on a little gluten here and there when I otherwise can't tolerate it well at all when I'm not pregnant. I do still try to stick to my gluten free ways though, and once baby is born this summer I plan on going back to a completely gluten free diet. I received my latest sample pack of gluten free products to try out and as usual, I'm impressed and delighted with what I received.

Old Fashioned Yellow Cake Mix
I make cake for special occasions, but otherwise I like to put a healthy spin on dessert and make a cobbler. I use a gluten free cake mix like this Old Fashioned Yellow Cake mix, and make it a little thicker than normal. Meaning, I usually leave out a bit of the liquid. You simply dump some fresh or frozen fruit in a baking dish, and spoon the cake mix over the fruit. Bake until the fruit is warm and the cake is cooked through. Some of our favorites are peaches, blueberries, cherries and strawberries.

Pretzel Sesame Rings
I have been hungry around the clock this pregnancy and this includes the middle of the night. I don't want to get up at three a.m. and eat something fatty or heavy, so I tend to munch on pretzels. These Sesame Rings are a great change to regular old pretzels and you can eat a bunch of them with minimal calories per serving.

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Who doesn't love a regular chocolate chip cookie? I know I do and I love to dunk them in milk. These chocolate chip cookies have a great texture and you won't know they're gluten free at all. I opened up the package to try one (ok two) and within ten minutes I was missing a whole row of them as my husband passed by them.

Lemon Flavored Crème Wafers
Lemon Wafers
Everybody remembers those colored wafer cookies from when they were kids. They came in strawberry, chocolate and vanilla but they probably weren't very healthy. They definitely weren't gluten free either. These lemon wafers from Glutino are super light and have just the loveliest hint of lemon to them. They're hard to put down that's for sure!

For more information on Glutino's products, you can visit their website at Locally, I can find Glutino products in Wegmans and a variety of other retail stores.

Scotties - Product Review

It is the beginning of allergy season in this house so we're going through plenty of tissues. My son gets bad allergies this time of year while mine hit later on in the summer months. I recently participated in the Scotties blogger program and receive some samples on their behalf. They have been very helpful recently and we look forward to continuing to use their products throughout the rest of allergy season as well as cold and flu season next winter.

Scotties products are made in the United States by Irving Tissue, Inc. This is a family owned and operated business that is dedicated to the quality of their products and customer satisfaction. You'll find that with Scotties products, the tissues are must softer and durable than other brands. They are the perfect product to have on hand not only in the springtime but all year round.

Made without inks or dyes, Scotties products are hypoallergenic and you can rest assured knowing that the products used in the manufacturing of Scotties products come from sustainable forest management practices. Three trees are planted for every one that is used for the production of Scotties products.

There are some great ways you can keep your allergy symptoms at bay this spring including:

-Closing up your windows and doors during times of high pollen.
-Showering or bathing before bed, especially if you have been outside during the day.
-Boost your immune system with vitamin C and antioxidants.
-Drink plenty of water to flush out your body and allergens.

For some people, allergies are a never ending battle. This year you can at least pick up some Scotties products to help you through.

For more information you can visit

Also, you can find more information on Scotties' Whole Lotta Comfort campaign by visiting

Friday, April 22, 2016

The Reflo Training Cup - Product Review

I'm starting my third trimester so things are getting pretty real over here and I'm starting to contemplate all of the baby and  toddler products that are on the market now. It's been eight whole years since I've had my last baby and I'm shocked at all of the new products that are designed to make my life easier as a parent. One such product is the Reflo training cup. An alternative to sippy cups and other training cup products, the Reflo cup is designed to make it look like your child is drinking out of a regular cup like mom or dad. The child learns how to drink slowly and safely with a cup without making a massive mess all over your kitchen or home.

How the Reflo cup works is like this; you fill the small, plastic cup with water, juice, milk, etc. There is a small plastic insert that fits in over the beverage and will hold the liquid in place while the cup is tipped. Only a small amount of liquid will be released at a time and the child will be able to drink normally without liquid going everywhere.

Cleanup is super easy with the Reflo cup. You simply remove the insert and both the insert and the cup can be placed in the dishwasher. The cup and insert are both BPA free and free of phthalates. Unlike other training cups and sippy cups, the Reflo will not trap liquid anywhere so you won't experience any hard to clean areas.

Reflo comes in a variety of colors. For more information or to purchase a Reflo cup of your own, you can visit