Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Planet Box- Review

Once in awhile I get really excited about a product I know I get to test out when I know it is on its way. Our package that was coming from PlanetBox was one of these products. We received the Rover lunch container for my son to try out and we were lucky enough that he also got to pick the lunch bag and the magnets that went with the container. In short we LOVE this product.

Basically, PlanetBox is a bento-type system that both children and adults can use. There are three different PlanetBox systems and they vary in size so it really depends what you are going to use the product for. The Rover is the perfect size for my second grader. There is a large section that is big enough for a sandwich or something like chicken nuggets. Then, there are smaller sections that are perfect for fruit, crackers, veggies and more. There is even a small little section right in the middle where you can sneak in a small dessert option. All of  the containers are stainless steel and are dishwasher safe.

The stainless steel tray snaps shut tightly and fits right into the lunch bag that you can also purchase from Planet Box. There are a number of options available, and my son chose the basic black. The bag zippers shut nicely and on the front there is a water bottle pocket and another velcro pocket that we will use for extra lunch money. There is a strap to hold it by the handle but you can also hook up the included strap to wear it longer.

On the stainless tray you can purchase magnets that are sized just right for each compartment. My son chose Dinosaurs thanks to his current Dinosaur obsession and he loved putting them on and making it 'his'.

We're on summer vacation right now but we're happy to have this school supply on hand for September. Rather than using separate bags or containers for everything, this is going to be a great, one piece system to have on hand for each day's lunch. The system is a bit pricey but keep in mind, it will last you a number of years before needing to purchase anything new.

You can find more information at www.planetbox.com.

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