Thursday, June 4, 2015

Bravado Designs - Product Review

I received three samples of Bravado! Designs nursing bras as samples. I'm not currently nursing but I remember those days. I remember how important it is to have a comfortable bra on hand that is not only comfy to wear but it is also functional. These nursing bras from Bravado Designs are probably some of the highest quality nursing bras I have ever seen.

Bravado Essential Embrace
This one I receive in black and purple. I love that the material feels more like a sports bra. After I had my son, sports bras were the most comfortable thing to wear so this product is awesome. It is made out of premium cotton as well as microfiber. It is breathable and there is a bra extended included with the purchase which is nice for use throughout your nursing experience.

Body Silk Seamless
This is the softest and most comfortable nursing bra you'll find. It is completely seamless an wire free which I adore. There are also removable foam inserts so you can wear this bra however you would like. I got this bra in gray as well as pink. They are both adorable and I wish you could wear them all the time!

For more information on Bravado! Designs; A Medela Company, you can visit The prices are affordable considering the high quality product you receive. There are tons of styles and colors to choose from and most importantly, these bras will make it that much easier to nurse your little one.

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