Sunday, July 29, 2012

Natural Vitality Foodiceuticals: Premium Plant-Sourced Bioavailable Nutrition + Coupon

I started taking a B complex vitamin supplement about 3 1/2 years ago after I went through my first heart procedure. After doing some extensive research of my own I determined it was going to be my best option for reducing the fatigue, anxiety and decreased immune response I was having as a result of my procedure. After finding that it worked wonders I was on the search to find a B complex supplement that was safe to take on a daily basis, free of chemical additives and nothing but high quality food / plant-based sources. The energy I was feeling was great and the results of taking a daily supplement was something I wanted to incorporate into my daily routine.

Natural Vitality makes a whole line of plant-sourced products that promote adding the nutrients to our diets that used to be part of the food source on our planet but no longer are because of decreased nutrients in the soil where our food is grown. We somehow have to fill those nutritional gaps and Vitality B and C Complexes from Natural Vitality do just that. The products used to make these supplements are organically grown in nutrient-rich soil.

B Complex vitamins are incredibly important for mental and physical function. They aid in reducing stress to the body as well as keeping the heart and other organs healthy. Natural Vitality's B Complex comes from organic guava, organic holy basil and organic lemon. I was happy to see that the holy basil was in there because I think that's another wonderful product to keep on hand in your medicine cabinet but be advised it's in there. Some people have allergies to holy basil or are not pleased with it's effects.

Vitamin C Complex is another product that's great to keep on hand especially for people who have kids that are constantly bringing home germs. This powerful antioxidant helps ward off oxidative stress and helps build and maintain tissue in the body. Natural Vitality's product comes from organic Indian gooseberry.

For more information you can visit All products are cruelty free, alergen free, yeast, dairy, egg, wheat and sugar free. No artifical colors or artificial flavors are used in the making of this product.

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