Sunday, December 11, 2016

Tartan + Twine - Holiday Product Review

This year was a very busy and exciting year for our family. Our latest edition, Christian, was born this past summer and we've been getting to know him and enjoying having a little baby in the house again. Because much of our time has gone into our kids, we tried to simplify gift giving this holiday season. I wanted to do most of my shopping online and instead of giving tons of gifts, I wanted to give less gifts but better quality. Not to mention, gifts with purpose instead of gifts that would just sit around and gather dust was a priority.

I was contacted regarding the new Tartan + Twine beauty and travel bag collection for Fall 2016. These items make great gifts for anyone who likes to stay organized. I received the Gwynn Check valet as a sample, which measures 11x2x6.75. The interior has a number of different pockets, of different sizes. You can use this item if you travel and store makeup, hair accessories and jewelry in the pockets. Or if you're like me (someone who just had a baby and is literally traveling nowhere!) you can use it in to organize some of your bathroom or jewelry items.

The prints are really cute. I personally would like something a little more simple and conservative, like the Caitlyn Grove collection, but you can go with the Gwynn Check edition which has a little bit flashier items. Prices are very affordable. The Gwynn Check valet I received retails for $25 which is pretty fair considering the amount of space you get in the valet. Smaller organizing bags go as low as $12.

For more information you can visit or you can shop at your local Ulta beauty store.

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