Sunday, July 29, 2012

Keeping My Home Neat With Neater Feeder

I have three cats. They're wonderful but you'll hear my husband and I complaining often about the fur that seems to accumulate everywhere and the food and water that makes it's way out of their bowls on a daily basis. Heck, my 4 year old seems to be neater than those darn cats. I was very skeptical when I came across Neater Feeder's products but I decided they were worth a try. At this point, anything was worth a try.

Neater Feeder's concept is pretty simple. Two stainless steel bowls fit into a plastic tray that has some indentations and holes in it. That tray fits into a larger tray with legs on the bottom that can catch any water or food that makes it's way out of the bowls. The entire feeder has raised sides that prevents my three trouble makers from flinging anything out onto the floor. The water bowl has extra capacity for helping to keep your pets well hydrated while the normal-sized food bowl prevents overeating.

I immediately switched over from our wire food bowl rack to the Neater Feeder. I wasn't thrilled because I like the style of my Boots and Barkley set but the Neater Feeder is extremely practical and it's been working very well. I haven't had to wipe the floor around the bowls at all since I first set them out. Cleaning should be very easy as well. I'll literally be able to wash the trays and bowls out in the sink or even take them outside and hose them out.

To take a look at the variety of sizes available through Neater Feeder you can visit I ended up using the medium sized feeder for my three cats who are roughly 9 to 13 lbs in size. They haven't had any trouble reaching into the feeder for their food or water.

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