Monday, June 1, 2015

Bebek Baby Products - Review

If I wander through the baby aisles at the store it seems like so long ago that I had a little one who was using bottles, diapers, baby food and more. My son is only seven years old but so much has changed over those seven years and there are tons of great products that are now available. I wish I had items like Bebek's Baby Products on hand when my son was younger!

For example, the Bebek Plus+ is a bottle system that is designed with a natural response nipple that will reduce colic but also it lets the baby control the milk flow. Babies can breathe more naturally while they feed. There are far less pieces to this bottle system than what we had for our son when he was a baby. 

For older kiddos, the Bebek Plus+ Sippy Cup is a great item. There are two easy to hold handles, the cup is 100 percent spill proof and the sippy portion is bite proof. I remember how often we would go through sippy cups because they would get chewed on. Also they are leak free and anti-colic. 

You can purchase a Bebek starter set which is perfect for any new set of parents. You get three sizes of bottles and a bottle brush that is perfectly designed to clean the bottles and nipples, All of the items are BPA and PVC free.

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